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CTF - Sanctum (School Assignment)

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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF - Sanctum (School Assignment)

    Hey guys,
    I've been doing a level for UT for a level design course in my school where we are supposed to make a ctf map blockout (not fully arted)
    I'm kinda aspiring to be a level designer and I havent been graded yet but it would be cool if someone wanted to take a look? Maybe give some feedback
    In the download link there is a RAR with my UMAP, PAK and Level Design Document, details about the level and process are in there!
    I'd appreciate all responses you guys have! Maybe you can even get a 5v5 match going.
    Feel free to grade me on a scale to 10 or something, and maybe some pointers on what i should focus on in the future!


    Link for screenshots:
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    Hey. It's probably good enough to get a good mark, but the geometry here is more suited to deathmatch. With transolator inolved, you can have a bit more distance around the place. I'd check out grendlekeep for insiration.

    Basically i'd reduce the paths around by 30% and also decrease the connectivity 30-50%. I'd do this by focusing on what you feel are the more interesting parts or more iconic parts and giving them more focus.

    scale is another thing, your map is a bit tight overall... if you did the above then remaining areas might have more room.

    I'd have slightly less little armors around the place, and perhaps stick a shield in the middle. ctf player also love amp, so that could also go there. shield belt could go on the podium under in the middle and the udamage above it, high.

    tried and tested armor balance in ut4 is 1x 150 (shield), 2x 100, 2x 50. I personally think all the vials are good, the attackers will try to suck them up before going in, and they're in great positions to get caught in the act.

    those windows above the bases would be excellent sniper perches. maybe put a ledge behind them? dont give them a crazy overview of the map like on blank or titanpass though.

    some vids for you

    - a very close ctf game with one team's communications

    some thing on grendelkeep (mentioned above)

    Maps: DM-Dying_Sun WIP & DM-TokaraSwamp


      Hi, Just played a quick 4v4 botmatch and I pretty much agree with the_hack on his thoughts about the scale. The layout is coming along nicely, but I would focus on making it simpler by removing as much clutter as possible (crates, lifts, confusing paths...). While I think there's nothing wrong with a map having tons of connected paths, some of them should definitely be more attention-drawing than others. I had the feel that there was too much stuff going on in the zones between the bases and the middle space and couldn't really figure out which of those paths were the 'main' ones and which ones were just less action-focused.

      Weapons should also be generally easier to find and pick up. I'm not a fan of having weapons in narrow hallways, or placed close to walls. I think they tend to work better at chokepoints and open spaces you can reach from lots of different places. Health and powerups are another story, you definitely want to have those in riskier spots.

      I also think you should ditch those lava pits. You might find it funny to hear it from the guy who made Batrankus, but these ones aren't really adding anything to the map but frustration. If the level had a lava pit that was some kind of spine and the whole level architecture was built around it, with cool trickjumps and powerups in dangerous places, then I would definitely love to have a lava pit! But your level doesn't look like it's heading towards that direction... so yeah, definitely ditch them...

      Anyway, for a level made in less than 2 weeks I think it's pretty awesome! Keep up the good work!
      DM-Batrankus is out on the UT Marketplace! Enjoy!

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        Thanks so much for your comments so far! I will definitely write these things down

        The "cramped" feel is sort of intended though, since I kind of enjoy it personally, as well as connected paths, but if it feels misplaced for standard UT gameplay, i will keep that in mind for the future!

        It would be cool if you would share if you felt any particular area or layout was interesting, or boring/redundant As most of the level was improvised from inspiration and gameplay without doing any paper sketches beforehand.


          There is (or should be) room for any type of gameplay in ut, that’s why we have different maps after all, not just one. As long as you intend it and understand it I guess. I hope you get a chance to watch a match with experienced ctf players on it, that will help you test your ideas. Ask them on ut4pugs discord maybe.
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          Maps: DM-Dying_Sun WIP & DM-TokaraSwamp