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DM-Crash (Remaster)

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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Crash (Remaster)


    This is the map that I've started to work on last year (hence 2016 in the title) but never had a chance to finish it due to other commitments. It's a simple conversion of DM-Crash from UT 2004.
    As of right now I have 2 versions of this map - 1 coloured provisionally (vastly different from the original, I do know that!), with BSPs only, can be fully playable, and the other, which is work in progress, with couple of meshes converted from the original and inserted into it (doesn't have blocking volumes in place, bots are going crazy). The second version will not be uploaded until it'll be playable. However feel free to try the provisional version and let me know what are your thoughts.
    Also, if I'll have time I would like to update the old meshes slightly so that they won't look as rough, but that's something for the future (already experimented with a couple of pipes).

    Finally, huge thank you to Ϣίητεѓ for his amazing Converter

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    DM-Plunge 2.0 (working title)

    Originally posted by Best_Username
    Looking good so far. Can't wait to see more progress on it.
    Thank you

    And here is small update on the progress of my implementation of meshes.
    The progress it's moving fast since I'm not planning to change the design really. I find the map pretty fun to play, even without fully utilising UT4 mechanics. Also, even thought it's meant to be played 1v1, I find it fun playing InstaGib with 4 people.
    I also included 1 picture of the original map against the new implementation - the textures made it look really messy.
    I did some simple paint-over, to keep it more greyish and better reflect the atmosphere of the original while transferring the meshes.
    I tweaked the lighting to be 'colder', as I found the original to not work particularly well with the setting it's placed in.

    Again, it is not playable, as I did not implement blocking volumes in it (just simple collisions for the meshes) - could be played by people probably, but it doesn't work with the bots right now.

    Enjoy, and feel free to leave comments and feedback
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    DM-Temple of the Sun

    DM-Plunge 2.0 (working title)


      Hi, I took a look at your map today, and I noticed some things you might be able to improve about it, if you're interested.

      * There's only one armor and one UDamage, which means that, if one player manages to get both, the other player can do pretty much nothing except run away and hope they survive until the UDamage runs out. You might be able to make this better by adding a few smaller armors around the map to give the disadvantaged player a chance to come back.

      * The armor is tucked away in a corner, in an area where it can't really be contested very much. whichever player is closer to it when it spawns is pretty much going to get it, every time.

      * Mostly the only weapons that end up getting used are the Shock Rifle and the Link Gun. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something to be aware of.

      Remember, all of this is meant to be helpful, constructive criticism to help you make your map better. Don't think I'm criticizing you or anything like that. I'm just trying to help you make your map the best that it can be.

      By the way, I can't wait to see the fully meshed map in a playable state. It looks really cool in the screenshots so far.

      Also, if you would be willing to take a look at my map as well and give me some constructive feedback, I would really appreciate it. I'm trying to improve the layout and flow of the map as much as I can before I start doing an art pass.


        Thank you for share'n your works with the rest of us jonzie23! Loaded onto the LoPing Arena for your enjoyment.
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          Thank you DutchSmoke, I appreciate that.

          TheBestUsername thank you for taking your time to have look at it. As I've mentioned originally this is a direct remaster of DM-Crash from UT 2004, so I'm not planning to change the gameplay drastically (geometry should stay as it is). Having said that, the things that you've mentioned can be improved fairly easily, to make the gameplay be more competitive. I'll definitely take a note of that, and will have a closer look once the old meshes are mostly implemented.
          Once I have a moment I'll certainly have a look at your map and give you some of my opinions on it too (keep in mind that I'm not a competitive player, so will mostly focus on technical aspects...).

          And finally, time for a new update.

          - I've managed to nearly complete another section of the map, with old meshes put in place.
          - I've tweaked lighting slightly once more.
          - I've tried to have a go at improving some of the old meshes. I haven't done 3D modelling in ages and wanted to see if I remember anything. I've created new versions of top and bottom lights and created simple custom floor grate/hatch.

          <You may notice some lightmass leaks on the pictures - I haven't increased the lightmass resolution on meshes drastically and kept the light quality at a fairly low level, to keep the lighting build time as low as possible for the time being>

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          DM-Plunge 2.0 (working title)