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DM-Pilsner (updated: v3, 13 Dec 2017)

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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Pilsner (updated: v3, 13 Dec 2017)

    DM-Pilsner v3... (13 Dec 2017)
    “I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( ).”

    - fixed broken player spawn (thanks DutchSmoke)
    - finished the art pass, more or less
    - brightened the map more, but it still seems strangely dark in screenshots.... hmm
    - tried to clip some parts where players get stuck, but I probably missed a spot

    this is probably the last major revision of this map that I'll release, unless someone wants to redo my item and weapon placement for me

    Download DM-Pilsner-v2 here:
    (10 Dec 2017)
    “I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( ).”


    Hey all. Trying to learn how to do some UE4 stuff, and thought I'd try to make a UT4 level to practice!

    It's going to be a brewery of some kind. The main idea I had was "what if it's fun to jump on big metal tanks and/or slide underneath them"

    - It feels a bit on the small side I think, maybe good for 4 players? or at least compared to the other maps I've played, this map feels pretty small and open
    - I'm not very familiar with playing UT so I'm happy for any observations or advice, especially on item placement and such.
    - has navmesh, but there's some odd behavior where the bots sometimes get stuck on top of the big metal ball tanks... anyone know how to fix that?

    “I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( ).”
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    Changing layout / placement around, and starting to art pass


      Almost missed this very quick looking piece of work you've presented us with here radiatoryang! Bigup for the share!
      Loaded onto the LoPing for your enjoyment.

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        Doing some more work on this

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

Name:	ScreenShot00019.png
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        Click image for larger version

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          hey all; you can download DM-Pilsner-V2 from the first post in the thread

          (but, realistically, this project has fulfilled my need for a UE4 learning exercise... I'm probably not going to work on this actively anymore until Epic works on UT4 again / unless UT4 actually finds a player base)

          however, I'm still interested in hearing any feedback, especially on weapon and item placement

          peace out!!


            BiGUp for the V2 radiatoryang!
            There have been mixed reactions to it but I like it. The only thing that's missing imo, a little more lighting for those UT splendiferous background aerial shots.
            More to follow after some more rounds on this (nicely)meshed version.
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              updated with v3 (see first post)


                Highly appreciate the swift update to v3 radiatoryang! I'll be reloading it shortly.