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DM-Egress: DM Map for 4 Players

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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Egress: DM Map for 4 Players




    (Imgur Album)

    I've been spending the past few weeks trying to learn Unreal Engine 4 through making a UT4 level and it's been an experience to say the least. Through trial and error I've learned how to use BSP, place actors (spawns, weapons, pickups, etc.), and package my level for others to play. This is definitely not the finale product, but I plan on expanding it and at least adding materials to make the level not look completely amateur. If anything, I hope somebody finds this and at least gets a couple of minutes of enjoyment from playing this map. (NOTE: Cannot be fully played with bots ATM.)


    The map is fairly small (roughly 25m x 15m) that has four areas; the base, the cave, the field, and the cliff. To the left is the base, which has two levels and a lift that transitions between them. In the center towards the back is the cave, which has two crawl-spaces that can be slid under to transition to other parts of the map an entrance to the field. The field is the wide open space towards the front of the map that has multiple entrances to each other area. The cliff is just a solid wall towards the right of the map that has two lifts; one that connects to a small crevice on the cliff where the player can lift-jump to get on top of the, "Cliff," and one lift that brings a player to the top of the cave. Weapons and health have been placed around the map to encourage movement between the various parts.


    - Add Materials (most likely the last thing I do)
    - Balance Spawns & Weapon Placement
    - Get Lift Exits to Work for Bots (I still don't quite understand what I'm doing wrong)
    - Change Skybox to be Not-Generic (will also probably change rotation of default directional light)

    If you have played the level and have any feedback, please post it! I've had some of my friends playtest the level, but they don't consider themselves level designers in any way and I think I need some advice/critique from other designers to help put their statements in context. Even if you haven't played the level, thanks for taking the time to read this post!
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    Can you put some screenshots up?
    Unreal UT4 Maps: DM-Maelstrom DM-SpaceNoxx


      Thanks for this!

      Personally i like the layout.
      Good flow, not too many narrow corridors.
      Gives good room for 4 players.

      Downwards its to dark needs more lightning.

      Again, thanks for your time and effort in creating something for the new UT scene.
      UT needs this.

      **Handy info to mention:
      Current MD5:

      Could use some screenshots


        Highly appreciate you sharing your works with us, Michael! I only ask if you could post some screens so we can quickly get a taste of what to expect. I'm not one to download without knowing what I'm downloading first, but that's just me.


          BigUp for the map Michael_Berger! (Also don't forget a mapvote screenshot of it).
          Loaded onto the LoPing for your enjoyment.


            Originally posted by MΛuL View Post
            Can you put some screenshots up?
            Originally posted by iSenSe` View Post
            Could use some screenshots
            Originally posted by UnleashThePwniez View Post
            I only ask if you could post some screens so we can quickly get a taste of what to expect.
            Originally posted by DutchSmoke View Post
            (Also don't forget a mapvote screenshot of it).
            Done. You can find the pictures in the main post and in this album.

            Thanks for giving me your initial critique. Also, thanks for the addition to LoPing Arena, DutchSmoke. I'll definitely check it out before I make my first map update.


              Nice to see you found it MB! As for some answers to your questions,
              -Lifts for now, seem ok. The exit on the inside lift could just do with a higher ceiling. The air off of the lift on the out/backside of the map could serve as indicative power/height.
              -Spawn,Weapon, Pickups could do with with some creativity, like you did with the life vials. (Also, a snipe wouldn't be out of place on this map )
              -The geometry could use a few tweaks. Overall - it's a great start nontheless.
              Keep up the GoodWorks!