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    Download: 205MB (bottom of page under Versions)

    Hey, I've been working on this one for a while. HolyOak is a symmetrical CTF map set in old ruins. Each team's base is a little tight with few wide open areas. The flag is tucked into the back of the base with a quick escape route to the floor below. The midfield two primary routes, above ground and below ground. Above ground has a variety of paths with the belt in the center. Underground has more cover but fewer escapes and a Udmg in the center.

    Most of the meshes are custom assets. The primary mesh you see everywhere is the arch which was taken from the game's assets and modified into a few variations. The animated trees are from the Unreal Engine Marketplace. The remainder is mostly BSP converted to static mesh with added detail. I tried to keep the terrain relatively flat and easy to read for the player.

    I manage to get a steady 60fps 1440p Epic settings using my GTX 1070, so it should perform a bit better than the stock Epic maps.
    If you are playing using Low settings, be sure to go into Advanced video settings and turn up the foliage render distance to at least 50%. The default distance is so low that the foliage (leaves on the walls) doesn't render until you walk right up to it. This may work for grass, but it's very obvious when the foliage is on the walls.

    I hope you enjoy the map! I am open to any feedback regarding layout, item placement, visuals, etc. If you hit a collision snag somewhere, or other major issues let me know. I'm planning to add some more polish to parts of the map.

    This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version
    More images can be found in this gallery:
    DM-Nine | CTF-HolyOak

    Looks good, will give it a play later.


      Looks insanely beautiful tidu!
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        Looks very good! There is interesting style of art on this map: it neither liandri high tech nor gloomy gothik style, it seems pretty bright to me du to usage of light, foliage and specific style of architecture.


          Hey Tidu,

          great map man, looks beautiful! Thanks for this and your hard work!
          Found a small map/hole on the red flag area. One can jump on the floor on the cursor-cross, and then falls through to the lover floor, and then under the map. Seems like not to happen on the blue side (blocking volumne in place).

          Update: also happens on the blue side ... once one jumps up there, and then whiggle the movment forward A/S/W there is a hole ...
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            Great map, thank you very much for sharing it with us !


              Thanks for the comments everyone! And man you guys are good at finding holes in the map. I overlooked that area in the back of the base up the steps. I'll fix both sides for the next release.

              I saw a post on discord that said someone's game crashed on startup when they added the map to the proper folder... if someone else encounters this let me know!
              DM-Nine | CTF-HolyOak


                I hope to give you an in-depth feedback later (next week).

                For now...

                1) It is a pity that you ended up meshing the map. This means the map is ruled-out for the PUG CTF scene as they mostly refuse to play meshed maps. Also I didn't play ctf-Remy as my laptop was broken back in May/June.
                BUT at the same time I love the looks of this map!!! So beautiful! I even love some unused areas such as arcs above link area. Therefore I hope you push the map to marketplace (once it is a thing) so that at least the PUB community can benefit from it.

                2) Consider providing more breathing space in vertical movement. Not necessarily going on top of buildings, that would be terrible sniper-wise but at least enable translocation on top of those walls by belt ... and similar. I hate to constantly bump my translocator disk because of low ceiling.

                3) It feels like loads of paths for the carrier .. maybe even too many, but I would need to play against real players to check this. At least it is an interesting and different feel for now. Usually you don't have that many options.

                What is going on with the bell? It rings when you score a flag? Nice.

                Also ... having a sniper nest in the bell tower would be a fun experiment .

                One last comment for now ... weapon placement of the sniper rifle is not logical at the moment. Obviously it doesn't need to be! But compared to modern CTF maps produced by Epic Games, sniper is usually placed somewhere with a nice view.

                One last last ... next to the belt area if you go up (the stairs) from the area below pillars ... I don't like the blocking volume on the large tree root. It looks nice but makes the movement difficult. Could you possibly sink it into the ground a bit more and make the blocking volume flat?

                Great job!
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                  A very nice job done here tidu! Keep Up the GoodWorks!
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                    Thanks Rainmaker. I know the pug scene prefers the shell maps, some hubs still have the TitanPass shell on rotation. I still have the shell (Remy) so if there is interest I can update it and cook that again. It didn't seem to gain much traction last year though.

                    I'll take a look at the tree root. Originally there was a larger obstacle in that spot and it was easier for the player to determine that they could not walk there. It's harder to look at that root and understand where the blocking volume is. The ceiling is a bit low, I see what you mean. It will be raised.

                    I also debated whether to allow players to walk on top of the arches at the center of the map. There is a good view of the playing field up there but you're relatively defenseless so it might not be much of an advantage.

                    Thanks again everyone for taking the time to play it! Lets hope the dev team returns soon!
                    DM-Nine | CTF-HolyOak


                      tidu Sorry for not posting images yet. I have them ready, I just need to modify them and compose the text. Didn't have time/mood for that recently.

                      Regarding the ceiling. As you probably know, the key is to get around the map with the translocator quickly. In some cases, I might need to throw the X-Loc over the wall to take the shorter route or for example throw a long throw far away, shoot somebody with the Flak and then carry on, etc. This way I need to transloc in corridors which slows you down. On the other hand it is mory challenging ... up to you to decide on this.


                        Just noticed this! Curious on if you're still working on this beauty. If so, I'll give it a go in the next day or 2 and provide some feedback. Appreciate your contribution, friend!


                          Yep still here! I took a small break from the map but still plan to work on it, assuming UT4 lives on!
                          DM-Nine | CTF-HolyOak


                            Great to hear! Had a long day today, so I'll download the map tomorrow and send some feedback your way! Even though I haven't played it, it looks fun to play via the clip you provided. Let alone I like the art direction! I definitely wouldn't say that it's a pity that you meshed it, because that's where the real skill and imagination comes into play. Not to mention that you can always create a shell once you're finished meshing Keep it up!


                              Still working on this one. I've made very small layout changes, including removing that tree root that was discussed earlier, raising the ceiling, and allowing players to run on the roof near the belt. I'm working on polishing some areas, cleaning up meshes and seams etc. I toned down the brightness of the sun a little bit and worked on the lighting in some other areas. I'll upload when I get to a good stopping point.

                              This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version
                              DM-Nine | CTF-HolyOak