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    Click image for larger version  Name:	lathe.jpg Views:	1 Size:	245.7 KB ID:	397781

    Hi. New map, designed for duel, ready for playing.

    It's basically a BSP shell, but with some textures and atmospherics to hopefully encourage trying it

    Looking forward to your feedback on how games play, what could be changed to make it more fun.

    Obtain via UTCC:

    Short video intro:

    Maps: DM-Dying_Sun WIP & DM-TokaraSwamp

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    In beta. There area few things to do, but the layout is more or less set. I'll make a few tweaks going forward (getting rid of some catchy steps).

    This game is me and siik another au player. We both don't duel regularly at the moment but hopefully the games show the map's potential. The first game was the one I meant to upload, but wasn't satisfied we showed the map well enough, so there are two games in the video. Sorry about the microphone audio, that's me and the gf just hanging out in the living room sweet talking and being ridiculous.

    Lathe is a seminal project for me, carrying forward the work I've done over the last year in the other maps. I'll be 'finishing' it over time. It has a clear theme already though and the tuba assets seem to work well with it.

    Try it for 1v1! 2v2 is also ok, or a small dm (4 or less).

    Maps: DM-Dying_Sun WIP & DM-TokaraSwamp