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Remaking MH-Andromeda_Ancient (Monster Hunt map)

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    Remaking MH-Andromeda_Ancient (Monster Hunt map)

    Hello folks.

    Seeing how UT4 currently lacks anything really oriented towards mission-based gameplay, and how some people were engaged in making these gametypes happen, I decided to give it a shot and try to make a level myself.
    I wanted something with depth, with great visuals, to really showcase what the engine has to offer. And since the Monster Hunt gametype opens such a possibility for inventive creations and story telling, I decided to remake one map that I liked.
    There was no other possible option for this imo. MH-Andromeda_Ancient is possibly my favorite UT map ever, because it has it all. We don't have a working version of the Monster Hunt mod yet, but here are hopes that we see it through.

    Everything is very early right now, as I'm slowly understanding how to conceptualize an enhanced version of this massive thing. This is not meant to be a 1:1 conversion of the map, but a reread, more immersive and grand.
    My intention is to focus the narrative of the map, give it more depth, and use that to conduct the gameplay, like a single player level.

    What I have so far:

    I divided the level into several pieces, since the level plays through several quests inside a castle, and then outside in a village. As you beat those quests in the original map, you were given keys that you collected along the way. Several of them, however, were hidden and had to be found. Once you found all 10 keys, you were given access to the final boss room buried beneath the village. When that room was cleared, you were led to the "secret gateways". Those were a couple of portals that randomly sent you to several different locations, on sort of parallel realities. One of the combinations you could chose led you to the End Map zone.

    Quest 1: Pupae Boss 1 > Pupae Boss 2 > Manta room > Prison/Fly room. (2 keys)
    Quest 2: Cetofish bosses > Squid bosses > Sliths. (2 keys)
    Quest 3: Cathedral/Gasbags > Library/Kralls > Tower/Skaarjs. (2 keys)

    You leave the castle.

    Quest 4: Village(brutes) > (4 keys)
    Quest 5: Gate Keepers/Titan hall
    Quest 6: Powerups trick jump rooms.

    The map is currently in blocking stage with Quest 1 somewhat blocked out. Some pics comparing the changes from the original:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	andromeda_comp01.jpg
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Size:	243.2 KB
ID:	399747

    First main change, which I guess was an obvious one: Merge the interior and the exterior of the map into a single structure. For some reason in the original map the interior of the castle was built somewhere in the editor, and the exterior somewhere else. They were both connected through teleporters (which I find ugly), and the classic WarpZones (which is surprisingly hard to replicate in the new engine). By merging it all together, we can have a seamless gameplay.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	andromeda_comp02.jpg
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Size:	207.9 KB
ID:	399748

    Weapons room. I made it larger, with an L shape, and a window to the corridor on the second floor. Trying to give it more substance.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	andromeda_comp03.jpg
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Size:	284.9 KB
ID:	399745

    First Pupae room. Taller, with windows on the second floor that lead to the outside of the castle. I figured this section could be quite darker, sky light shining through the windows and so on.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	andromeda_comp04.jpg
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Size:	205.0 KB
ID:	399743

    Pupae boss 1. In the original you had a door to pupae boss 2, and one to the lift that led to the Manta room. I made it with a door that leads to another corridor. If you go up, you'll reach an area of the castle that has several rooms and a bridge with windows, then, boss 2. If you go down, you'll find a storage room with a lift to the Manta room.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	andromeda_comp06.jpg
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Size:	176.6 KB
ID:	399742

    From outside, the bridge (which has an opposite on the Quest 2 side), and the pupae boss 2 room / inbetween rooms.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	andromeda_comp07.jpg
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Size:	236.6 KB
ID:	399744

    Pupae boss 2. Lower right hand door leads to first key. I made an addition in this one. This section of the map takes place somewhat above the gun storage now, and it is in the open. My plan here is to use the outside sky to tell a little of the story, I'll discuss that below. In the original, there was a tower somewhere around here in relation to the insides of the castle. I merged it into this section. Now instead of teleporting, or jumping your way to the top of the tower to get the sniper rifle, you can access it from the inside when this door opens. I think it should open when Quest 3 is cleared. Also, a couple of windows that lead back to the first pupae room.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	andromeda_comp08.jpg
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Size:	213.3 KB
ID:	399749

    I wanted to bring some realism to the lift. It's a tad wider, and has a fissure on the left wall. In there I want to put some sort of counterweight, that goes up and down with it. Nothing much as it is, but plays nicely I think.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	andromeda_comp09.jpg
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Size:	161.0 KB
ID:	399750

    This section didn't have much going on in this area, but I thought it had a lot of potential for... aggressive expansion. I drew some heavy influence from the halls of Moria and turned this claustrophobic dark room with low ceiling into a giant underground man-made cavern with eerie doors on the walls. It is much larger, feels much creepier (has a lot of atmosphere with sounds) and adds the possibility of a Manta boss. The hanging platforms, I imagined, are there as a sort of construction equipment. The creaking of the wood echoes through the pillars... The hidden door behind the shock rifle is also there. It should open from the other side afaik.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	andromeda_comp10.jpg
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Size:	298.3 KB
ID:	399746

    I had no good ideas for the Fly room so far, so it is basically an exact copy. One more key in here.

    What I expect from the map:

    I though the map could use the tone of the original, which is what makes it great. It's gritty, eerie, feels like exploration. There is a recurring theme of portals throughout the map. There are portals that lead to "the Void", to a cave in the depths of hell, to a frozen forgotten cavern somewhere in time... The original map portrayed that literally, with an arch with a mirror-like surface inside it. I want to take a different approach to it. Instead of literal door frames, I want a sort of multidimensional phenomenon that spawns in the corners of the rooms, with clumps of crystal-like shapes, with mirrored surfaces. Something that feels like a glitch, or as if a piece of a different dimension was growing there and consuming the reality. It could feel as if it was something growing from the depths of the island, something mystical happening. I drew some influence from the movie Annihilation with this concept. Could be one at the end of the powerup room teleport (which opens all sort of intriguing concepts for the trick jump rooms).

    And the payoff is a mystic portal "To many wonderful worlds". I though about making the whole village be on a tall island, surrounded by a mysterious black water. A hundred islands on the horizon. In the sky, the swirling of billions of stars as Andromeda is in collision course with the Milky way, reflected back on the ocean. Our combatants have the mission to find the source of the mysterious dimension consuming the island from the inside, on this small distant planet lost somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy. Too goofy? I don't know.

    What I expect from the community:

    I'll have this project open for anyone that wants to contribute in absolutely anything. Anyone that has the same goal as me, which is create an inviting and immersive experience to a bigger UT4 gametype. For the new and the old. Doing what god (Epic) intended us to do.

    One last thing. Does anyone know about Nr.2000 nowadays? He is the original creator of this masterpiece. I tried to find him online to no avail.

    Anyway, that's all for now. Cya.

    Edit: For some reason the pictures were not showing. Uploaded them again.
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    OH BOY, this is one of my favorites! Excellently paced MH map. Are you the guy who made the original?

    Would be interesting to put the instagib in a place where you can get it before the ending, so that you actually get to shoot some monsters with it. Or alternatively, just make the map a bit longer. There's room to do some stuff after reaching the mountains.

    Some hints to the cave with the jump boots would also be a smart idea, cuz otherwise only old players know that spot and new players tend to get stuck halfway through the map.
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      Originally posted by InVader View Post
      OH BOY, this is one of my favorites! Excellently paced MH map. Are you the guy who made the original?

      Would be interesting to put the instagib in a place where you can get it before the ending, so that you actually get to shoot some monsters with it. Or alternatively, just make the map a bit longer. There's room to do some stuff after reaching the mountains.

      Some hints to the cave with the jump boots would also be a smart idea, cuz otherwise only old players know that spot and new players tend to get stuck halfway through the map.
      Oh no, I'm not. I was 11 when Nr.2000 released the original. Good times.

      I'm not much of a fan of the instagib in this map, though I guess it works if you get it right after leaving the castle. When you leave, you may go directly to the jump boot cave, right? If you've found the translocator beforehand, you can teleport through the crack on the wall inside this cave to get to a hidden room. In this room you have 2 different ways: One that leads back to the Manta caves (on a hidden door behind the shock rifle), and another that leads to the tower with the redeemer. In some versions of the map, the instagib is located on the tip of the spire that sits between the redeemer tower and the village. You get there by jumping from the redeemer tower down, and using the jump boots. I think this layout is bad, because you basically get 2 super weapons on a single "challenge". On others versions you get it after defeating the titans, which serves no purpose.

      This is how I planned this section: Instead of having the Manta corridor after the crack on the wall, I move it back to the jumpboot room, this way you can get the boots and walk back inside in one go. Then there in the manta cave, when you cross the hidden door, it opens ANOTHER hidden door in the cave on the opposite side, but the door is high on the wall and you have to use the jump boots to get there. There you find the instagib. So, in order to get the instagib, you have to find the boot cave, then get the boots (which will be hidden in the well), then find a hidden door in the manta cave. And to get the redeemer, you have to find both the translocator (which is hidden in the void), and the boot cave (which has the crack on the wall). Now, since my original idea was to have the whole village be on an island, I thought about extending the map outside the castle to a sort of swamp nearby. There you could have an underwater section that led to the boot cave. This way you can find it through exploration, rather than by luck.

      I just thought about something. It'd be interesting, right after you cross the final portal on the titan room, you get transported to a riverbed on a big valley. In the distance, you can see a massive Nali cross standing on the water (where the game ends). But in order to reach it, you have to face a Queen. I was thought the lack of a queen monster in this map was wasted. It may be a good place to face it.