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DM-Hackfire 1v1

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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Hackfire 1v1

    Working title

    Tight fast duel as usual. DM ok with 3 players.

    Some lighting tricks with channels to help visibility on a very dark map. Give it a spin and let me know.

    Basic gameplay (with bots) :

    Maps: DM-Dying_Sun WIP & DM-TokaraSwamp

    Really enjoyed the concept


      Appreciate the addition to your collection kind sir. I don't know about the ok for 3 though, replays will reveal.


        lol dutchsmoke you know how to abuse a map.

        I rebuild this one with a slightly larger scale but tighter layout - and simpler geometry. I'm after comments on the meta game and how placements could be swapped/ tweak to create something unique (Optimising for duel. ). The two things I'd like to keep as constants are the 100 and 150a positions. smaller armors and weapons and some geometry can be moved. I'm not really happy with the small armor area although I do like thigh pads. I will also be moving the health near shield away from the middle of the map to the other side of shield.

        On the lighting, I've lit the level similarly to Dying sun, making it a sister map of a kind, especially in that the standard path-size is half (DS is 1000 wide Hackfire is 500). The only lighting in most of the level comes from emissive strips on the floor. It was build with very emissive material and then replaced it before pakking.

        Maps: DM-Dying_Sun WIP & DM-TokaraSwamp