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    DM-Aryth R1

    Download: Map, Readme
    Players: 6 - 10
    Version: Release 1
    Released: 23-06-2018
    WinMD5: cb5a9bf8debf25330be3f5afa5f88fc9

    Story / Histoire:

    A tournament to death in an abstract place, devoid of any organic life stimulates you? So, this tournament will take place in Aryth because it is the place of predilection to satisfy you.

    Un tournoi à mort dans un lieu abstrait, dépourvu de toute vie organique te stimule? Alors, ce tournoi aura lieu à Aryth car c’est l’endroit de prédilection pour te satisfaire.


    This level is very different from my previous maps. Visually, it’s a very abstract and clean environment. Also, technically, there are only 2 lights in this level, a skylight and a directional light, that’s it! Very cool, don’t you think My goal while building this thing, was to reach clean visuals and also use a very small amount of static meshes. There are 10 static meshes in all, 5 master materials and ±30 material instances.


    Final 1.0

    - Move the Shock ammo's near the Shock pickup so it's easier to collect them coming from the area above angled wallrun with vials.
    - Reduce the lens effect from 0.05 to 0.02.
    - Remove the boots below the 100 armor. Only 2 left, use them wisely
    - Speed up the lifts in the Rocket Launcher sector. Specifically from 0.45 to 0.4 and from 0.8 to 0.7. It make a good difference.
    - Tweak the cloud material.
    - Tweak the glass material.
    - Tweak the sky material.


    First release.
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    Merci beaucoup pour l'addition Stevelois! Vous laissez definitivement votre marque dans UT4!
    On behalf of the silent ones, Keep Up the GoodWorks!
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      Interesting concept, but the combination of abundant emissive materials and rough reflections didn't sit well with me. Definitely took a lot of the clarity out of it.
      While jumping around in the map, I almost feel like there could be more vertical movement going on. There are two jump boots, but not so many places to put it to action creatively, do you get what I mean?
      The outside area with the Keg/Sniper took me right back to UT99 for some reason, and I loved that. Great stuff.


        I love it. Playing on lowest possible and simple forward shading (or how is it called) and 70% screen percentage.

        I very much like the looks (even low details as described above). I got used to the layout in one game. Good job!



          THX for the compliment and your support m8


          Well, there are 3 jumpboots pickup across the map at strategic spots. They're needed to grab the UDamage. I understand what you mean about using them creatively but this is intended by design. At least, you like the concept of the map


          Great to hear that Indeed, the map will still look descent at low and medium settings since the materials are rather simple.
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            I really like the design of this map. It seems like a blend of the fast-download mentality of the old UT3 gdawgg maps, but yet has the dynamic layout of a stock map. It's a nice blend of simplicity and complexity. Looks great!

            Also, nice video! I think I know how to set up cameras to achieve that effect, but I don't know if the video result can be exported or if I would have to record it separately. What did you do to create the video?


              THX for the compliment

              I use the sequencer tool, the new matinee tool that is include in the game.

              Therefore, in 4.15, the audio isn't captured, that is why the video are soundless
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                NOTE: Since there isn't enough feedback coming from the community, the next release will be the final one. I won't loose my time uploading different versions. THX.

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                  It is you again complaining about insufficient amount of feedback, right? Have you played recently? There is a handful of players in last year and even less active on this forum. The amount of feedback you received is beyond average.

                  FYI played a few more times against bots.
                  - Maybe decrease the amount of boots to make them feel more unique and rewarding.
                  - ↑ also AMP is very easy to get. You just pick the boots, lift jump, boots up and done. Taken in 5 seconds. Maybe put both items further apart.
                  - I might get rid of tiny passages in between main areas and keep larger passages only to avoid surprise sneaky attacks and more concentrate on skill, prediction, etc.
                  - Area above angled wallrun with vials seems unused and empty - maybe disallow entry there by just extending the angled area up to the wall/window/edge
                  - Belt might get really messy in non-bot real matches. I would make the area feel less like a trap. Maybe if it was some kind of cylinder with a hole at the bottom allowing for some wallrunning around will give you an option to jump from the platform (avoiding for example shock spam) and jumping back out after a short wallrun
                  - shock ammo is a bit hidden when running from the 50armor / boots area across the vial ledge - I feel like I have to turn sharp left and then continue - breaks the flow

                  All in all very good. I like the map!


                    @Stevelois: Sorry for the lack of feedback. I play offline mainly and I haven't had a chance to keep up with the mapping. I am on vacation now, so I hope that will change. Your efforts - and all the other mappers - are greatly appreciated. I usually try to offer more support with comments, but again, time has been very restricted.

                    The forum is very quiet these days, I know and I understand how discouraging it is. Again, sorry about that on behalf of everyone who isn't here.
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                      Hey Steve, if you turn the crank one more time on this, can you turn off lens flare? Early on UT's life Epic made a build and left lens flare on in all of their maps and people raged hard. In your beautiful map, it's even more pronounced because I get a lens flare off every emissive material (which you have tons of) and it's a bit too tough on the eyeballs.
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                        I'm not complaining, it's the fact, the forums are mostly dead and I'm not on other platforms to gather feedback. So if players don't comments, I simply can't make the maps better

                        So,reading all your points. I've made 2 changes :

                        - Removed the boots below the 100 armor.
                        - Move the Shock ammo's near the Shock pickup so it's easier to collect them.

                        As for the rest, I won't change it for various reasons


                        Well, I'll release the final in few weeks so hopefully you will have the time to play it


                        Hey m8, I've reduce the lens effect from 0.05 to 0.02. I won't turn it off completely but with this reduction it should be ok

                        THX all
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                          Commenting would probably be abit easier than watching the replays.
                          • Also don't forget the window by the slooped life vial area, it needs a little less translucency.
                          • The two lifts by the shield area could maybe do with a tad more power to take full advantage of that wonderfully high ceiling to make things well interesting.
                          Keep it Up!
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                            Your wish as been accomplish m8 See OP
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                              Hey Steve, its a good map. As seen in this vid my bro found the windows quite difficult to read as being windows he tried to jump thru, also overall for us that map is maybe a little too dark in certain areas maybe a different wall/ floor material might help with that possibly.
                              Other than that its really nice! i spose maybe a scratch decal could make the window seem more obvious.

                              Heres some of our gameplay playing with Dutchsmoke and rowsbud on LoPing server:
                              Me and my brothers maps:

                              Where are the ninja robots promised in UT3 trailer... plz lol.