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DM-warlock (Halo 2 Remake)

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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-warlock (Halo 2 Remake)

    Hello everyone.

    Recently I've been working on a remake of one of my favorite maps of this genre. "Halo 2" Warlock. In addition to worshiping the map, I decided to make a remake because it can also help attract new players to UT4, halo fans.

    I started by making a basic blockout to define the form / scale:

    After setting the scale, I have now started to "decorate" the space. I decided to use assets from Quixel (Megascans) because I love their jobs, it speeds up the process and gives me more time to work on lighting, level design and adjust the textures. Some assets had to model, such as pavement for example and others, but in general I used and modified assets Megascans:

    I will continue to work on the map, there is still much to be done, but I thank you for any criticism.


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      Wow, I forgot about this one from Halo 2. I think it was a DLC map, right? You did a great job recreating it!

      One thing that stands out to me is the scale, the players look pretty big relative to their surroundings. The scale may be similar to the Halo map but the speed and overall pace of UT is much faster. If you agree or just want to experiment, take a look at the MapScaler blueprint ( for a quick and easy way to scale the entire map.

      Regardless it looks great so far. I can't wait to try it!
      DM-Nine | CTF-HolyOak


        First of all thank you very much for the feedback. Yes it was part of a DLC

        Actually I was also feeling this, that the scale should be bigger. But when I noticed it was already very advanced and since I was thinking about the map just for duel it might work well. But I'll see this Blueprint seems to be really useful and practical.

        I've learned something new

        Thank you very much.


          A nice looking remake you've posted here Snake Patriot! I agree with tidu about the scale being abit tight and maybe consider placing the weapon pickup in the center of the platform instead of next to the pillars.
          We hope to be able to play on it someday, keep Up the GoodWorks!
          Explosive High Voltage UT99


            Thanks. I'm sure I'll follow your suggestions. However I'll also create a server to test the map, I'm still figuring out how I do it.

            If you have any information on this, thank you. I followed a tutorial on youtube:


            But it does not work with my map, just with some maps included in the game. I do not know what I'm doing wrong ... But in LAN it's ok.


              Check you InBox Snake.
              Explosive High Voltage UT99


                More WIP


                  Love it! Loved Warlock in the H2 days and I'm sure I'll love this version! I also agree that the scale should be set a bit higher, but overall, beautiful mesh work!


                    I'm debating to get a first version of the map online ... but I still have not figured out how.I hope it is brief


                      Looks good Snake, be nice to try it out sometime.
                      Me and my brothers maps:

                      Where are the ninja robots promised in UT3 trailer... plz lol.


                        Video of last release:


                        For those who want to download the map to experience



                          Thanks for the upload! I just played a match on it. Here's some feedback:
                          • Visuals are great. It looks detailed without being too busy and it's exactly what this game needs. Good work!
                          • There is a post process effect (possibly Saturation) that applies to everything, including players. It's most obvious on the shock core explosions. Not a problem but it looks strange and most players will notice.
                          • I'm not sure if you tried that MapScaler blueprint or not, but the map is still very small and difficult to maneuver in some places. The areas that you have to use the jumppad to get to are very small. I'd recommend giving the player some more space up there. In fact it feels smaller than the original Halo 2 map.
                          • Try to differentiate the 4 corners of the map. They look nearly identical so it is hard for the player to orient themselves. Maybe add (tasteful) colored lights or decals in each corner, like the original. Or make the sunlight more distinct so the player can use the position of the sun to orient themselves.
                          • Some playerstarts point into a wall, rather than the hallway.
                          • There are too many shock rifles, for a map this small I would limit all weapons to 1 each. Each duplicate base acts as an ammo refill and can be overpowering. The flak is very powerful on this map. I would remove the 2 flaks, put 1 flak in the center room. Then 1 each of shock, link, mini and bio around the map.
                          • Also there are no ammo pickups
                          • The shield belt in the center is the "old" shield belt model. Not a problem, but the new one is a lot brighter and it will be very easy for players to see when it spawns
                          • Performance isn't great for such a small map. There may be some post processing tweaks you can do to improve the performance. But the first release is never optimized so it's understandable
                          Again you did a great job! I think you can still make some small tweaks and still be true to the original map. In fact I just looked up a video from Halo 2 and wow that game looks terrible today.
                          DM-Nine | CTF-HolyOak


                            Thank you very much for the feeback.

                            Regarding the map scaler I tried but crash my editor. I'll try again but I'm afraid.

                            In relation to the rest I will see more carefully but it seems easy to arrange.

                            Thank you!!


                              Thank you for putting your works up Snake Patriot! Loaded onto the LoPing Arena for your enjoyment.
                              Explosive High Voltage UT99