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    So I've been working on this baby for a little while and I thought it was time to show it off a bit before I start set dressing. Hope you guys like it so far. Feel free to leave me your comments and suggestions if you see anything I can improve on.



    || DOWNLOAD V7 || ---- || README ||

    Path: /Game/DM-Retro2/v7/DM-Retro2-v7

    Checksum: CF78F66D064BA338D02F3CF702D9DB7A

    Package name: DM-Retro2-v7-WindowsNoEditor

    Package URL:

    URL Protocol: http


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    That looks pretty interesting actually. When you say "start dressing", I recommend not meshing until it has been played as a shell for a while. Is this a class project or can you take your time with it? I would put some simple materials on it, turn up the light level (it's way too dark) and put it out as a shell for play testing.
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      Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. I'm gonna follow your recommendations and hold off on meshing for now. This is a personal project so there's no need to rush it. There are still a few tweaks I think I'm gonna have to make though because the bots are doing miserably as it is now; barely if even going for some areas like the jump boots and definitely not co-operating with the crawl spaces. : \


        Very impressive. Yes, please, for putting shell on Carnage for testing. If you do, consider adding temporary blocks where decorations would change LOS.


        I suspect the complexity of the map will require more than "Default NavMesh" for bots. There should be a way to add custom paths pointing the bots to options.
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          Just a quick post to let you guys know I've managed to make the bots behave a little better. They're going for the jump boots and other pick-ups now. I'm still not completely satisfied with this yet but we'll get there. Though, there are some tricks I'm not too sure how I'm gonna be able to make them do like wall running.

          I've also added new weapons, a lot more pick-ups and made a few changes to the crawl spaces for easier access. I should be able to record some new footage soon. I'll update you guys again when it's up.
          In the meantime, here are real world references I've used as inspiration for this level.

          I also have older WIP footage I could put up on my channel if you guys would be interested to see the level during its early development. Let me know.



            Good works so far Onikage.! We look forward to the playable.pak and keep it Up!
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              Impressive layout!
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                I really like the vertical gameplay you got going on here, and the flow seems really nice as well. Can't wait to give it a run


                  First I wanna say Thank you! to everyone for their comments which are greatly appreciated. I'm really glad you guys are interested in this project.

                  As promised I recorded some footage of the new changes (paths, weapons, pick-ups) I also turned up the light a bit with the postprocess but judging from the videos now, although youtube's compression doesn't help, I'll probably need to turn it up some more and also tweak a few lights individually in some areas.

                  I'm still not 100% satisfied with the bots. Despite my efforts with navblocks, modifiers and objectives there are still a few things I wish they would do more often but, I managed to fix most of the major problems they had and I had fun playing against them so I'm hoping you guys will also.

                  I started working on a material pass recently but, I often have this tendency to get a bit ocd over the small details when it comes to the art side of things and, I don't wanna keep you guys waiting too long so I've been thinking about maybe releasing a playable alpha as is now for testing and feedback, so I can make the requested changes in the next version along with the material pass. Let me know what you guys think.

                  I also wrote a first draft for the level's description, though english not being my native language, I'm sure someone else could put it more eloquently so I'd be glad if someone from the community wanted to help with that. Proper credits will be given to all contributions.

                  level description (rough):

                  as you walk down the steps and pass through the narrow gate to enter the arena, you glance up and notice the hanging sign above the entrance reads ominously...

                  || PROPERTY OF LIANDRI CORP. ||

                  Retro2 is a prototype arena designed by the Liandri corporation to test the agility, spatial awareness and resilience of the new contestants of the tournament.


                  Hope you guys like it so far. And, the new footage...

                  Thanks again for the interest and all the comments. Like and sub my channel to get the next update earlier. And, keep the tournament going!



                    Here's a first playable version while I'm working on the decals and material pass. Hope you guys like it so far. Let me know if there's anything I can improve on.


                    C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UnrealTournamentEditor\UnrealTournament\Content\DM-Retro2-v1-01.umap
                    MD5: 99E971AF91F9C84E40B31C600A31E46C

                    Edit: pak updated! v2 coming up!
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                      I've play the map a bit and for the moment, my only comments would be related to space. The map as to much wide open space. Against good players, all hitscan weapons as a huge advantage. You need to add more cover all around like pillars, pile of stuff, etc. I suggest you start with adding cover
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                      Maps : DM-Coda, DM-Chroma FPS, DM-Chroma, DM-Dakylian, DM-Elik, DM-Akar, DM-Aryth, DM-Aly, CTF-Infiltrate, DM-Delta
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                        Thanks for the input! I'm gonna add a few guardrails and placeholder boxes in the more open area.


                          The Flying Wall Monkeys are gonna luv this.
                          The good news:

                          I found zero BSP leaks (I tried xtra hard). I found only two (hard to notice) spots where fps dropped to 59, avg was probably 70+, max was ~100. I have a lower-end system so this stat is pretty good. Map seems fun to play, lots of paths, plenty of verticality.
                          The critique:

                          As mentioned above, LOS (Line of Sight) needs to be broken up. One option is ground-based cover (crates and such), another would be to add structures hanging from ceiling in the open areas (could be done with decorative meshes); I recommend a bit of both.

                          I'm not a fan of the jump boots being required to get UDamage, Bezerk, or Redeemer. More boots, maybe. Even difficult lift jumps or Flying Wall Monkey tactics, but current setup makes the boots far too important.

                          Found a strange lighting issue (can't seem to upload screenshots ): the Flak area and running back up the channel are brightly lit with no obvious light source.
                          Final thought:

                          I'm thinking the maps too large for DM, has no clear break-in-half for CTF, so TDM seems obvious; which is good, considering the lack of TDM-scaled maps.

                          Keep up the great work; I'll be watching, and testing when I can.
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                            Great feedback man! Thanks!

                            I've added a few placeholder crates like decktest in the open area. I'll record some new footage of it soon. I had also planned adding lots of hanging pipes and wires in the meshing phase, similar to what I did in Bain's Redemption.

                            I haven't placed any light fixtures on the ceilings there to indicate where the light sources are coming from yet but, I'm curious about your screenshot, maybe you can send it to me through discord (onik#8753) or email?

                            You don't need the boots to get the UDamage or the Berserker. Look at my two latest videos where I show how you can get there with jump tricks. You only need the boots for the Redeemer and the Shield Belt.

                            How to get the UDamage(skipto:0:38)

                            How to get the Berserker(skipto:0:46)

                            It's definitely better suited for a big team deathmatch and battle royale type of gameplay.

                            Thanks again for the time taken out of your day to test it guys. I'll keep you up to date on development.

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                              Heh heh heh. I figured out different ways to get UDamage & Berzerk before watching your vids. You can rocket jump for the UDamage and for the Berzerk you can do a wall dodge from the angled wall above where you start your wall run to hit the yellow jump pad. Looks like some Bunnytrack practice is in my future for trying your UDamage maneuver.

                              Looks like the brightly lit textures are not the default checkerboard:

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	OddLighting1.png
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Name:	OddLighting2.png
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                              No one sees what tomorrow knows.