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    I've reworked DM-Erase from the ground up, since it was feeling a bit dated and no longer played as well as it originally did:

    List of changes:
    - General up-scaling of the middle of the map, 50 area and sniper/link area; this should hopefully make the map less spawn-frag heavy and a bit less hectic in general.
    - Cleaning up of geometry; 50 area is much less messy now and is a lot more structurally intuitive, all the small elevation changes around the flak/belt area have been ironed out, and the small walkable platform above link has been turned into a proper platform.
    - Flak stairs have been improved and should feel more natural
    - Added a 25 armour to the aforementioned link platform and an extra 25hp to the back of the sniper area; still not sure about these, I've considered removing the new hp and moving helmet to that location, feedback welcome.
    - Cleaned the map up visually; since it's unlikely that it'll ever get properly finished I decided to at least make it look ok.

    Other than that, just about everything is the same. I had a few bits of feedback from early testers about the lifts being too slow so I dug up the old map files and copy pasted the original lifts in so they should feel identical. Remember some some of the walkways are further away so there are going to be a bunch of jumps that are no longer possible, but I've already found a bunch of new ones so it evens out in the end.
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