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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-KnifeEdge

    Hi guys,

    Here is the first map I have made. It is based on my favourite Quake 2 map Q2DM1 but with a bit of a twist and tweaks. Hope you like it!

    Not bad for a first time

    Big map is big. I would suggest scaling it down. Quake 2 or 3 used to have bigger maps because the movement system would allow acceleration, but it's not the case in UT. So directly taking a quake map won't work that well in UT imo. You should scale it down (the middle area for example) and add UT-specific trick jumps, lifts and action type. The map itself is nice, but I don't get that "UT feel" in it. I get the "Quake feel" which is different.

    With a fair amount of adaptations the map can suit UT very well though ! Keep up !
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      I agree with Raste. This feels a lot more like Quake than Unreal and the map could definitely use some scaling down.

      One thing I would add to that is try not to have dead end rooms with weapons in them, such as the shock at the end, and i can't tell very well from the video but the link looks like a dead end too. A general rule that has been thrown around the forums is to have around 3 entrances/exits to each area to allow for more fluid connectivity. Players don't want to be turning back on themselves all the time, and they definitely don't want to be trapped in a room with only one escape route.
      It does have an interesting vibe to it and with some changes could be quite good.

      I'll be following for updates.


        Thanks for the feedback guys. SoparnoObject - yes you are correct about the shock rifle having only 1 way in and out. It was the same as q2dm1 for the railgun. The rocket launcher by the lift is also the same (although there is 2 of them on the map). I liked the risk vs reward aspect it offered.

        There are some differences though. q2dm1 didnt have quad damage on it. This map has double damage, power armor and rapid fire. However you need the jump boots to be able to get them. I need to cook the map so that people can try it out.

        I may scale it down a bit but since everywhere is connected together it doesn't take long to get from one end to the other.