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New Blitz map: FR-Villa

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    New Blitz map: FR-Villa

    Hi all!

    I am a game design student at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Our current project is to make an Unreal Tournament level suited for the Blitz gamemode.
    I took some inspiration from roman architecture, in specific: the old villas. Recreating it was quite challenging and it still isn't perfect, but I am trying my best to make the gameplay for the level the most optimal as possible.
    The first version has now been uploaded and can be found under this link:

    All feedback is welcome! The more, the merrier. Don't be afraid to give negative feedback, as long as it will help me make the level better!

    If you are willing to do some live playtesting or would like to have a private chat, please don't hesitate to write me on Discord: Sandy#1721

    Thank you, and stay safe!