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LevelUp Bootcamps Student Maps 2020-21 [6 new maps!]

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    LevelUp Bootcamps Student Maps 2020-21 [6 new maps!]

    Hey! I dunno if anyone is still around, but there we go! (:

    In november 2020, a group of students joined LevelUp, a spanish game-dev academy, to take a 6-month course on Level Design. As a teacher/mentor of the course, I couldn't help bringing UT to the table, and asked the students to play it, anaylze some levels, and work on a DM or CTF map of their own as a final exercise... and now it's time to show and release the results to the UT community!

    by Samuel Moya
    Two bases, a huge middle room, and lots of tunnels inbetween. Hole is an easy-to-pick-up map whose flag placement leaves room for tons of last-second-save moments!

    by David Navarro
    A mix of elements from Titan Pass and Facing Worlds! A large bridge is the the shortest route to go from one base to the other, but it is completely exposed to sniper fire... so you may want to take one of the longer sneaky paths instead.

    by Mario Cayuelas
    This CTF level features buildings and routes of different sizes, all of them entirely made with hexagons! And it looks extremely beautiful for a BSP map, doesn't it?

    by Fernando Barroso
    A medium-sized and massively vertical Deathmatch arena! Will you fight inside the beautiful golden temple or maybe around the twisting path that goes around it?

    by Eugeni Vasilev
    A small DM/Duel map featuring quite a lot of z-axis, jump pads, sliding walls and pitfalls! The level manages to pull out a wide variety of gameplay situations even though it was constructed with a very limited set of reusable pieces!

    by Alberto Roldán
    JumpPads and islands, an instant classic! The side islands contain quite a lot of weapons and goodies, but the only way to go from one side island to another is through the chaotic middle one (probably dying in the process. :P).

    And that's it! If there is anyone still playing the game and feels like trying out the levels, we would definitely love to hear some feedback from you... Enjoy!

    If you have any trouble with the download links and screenshots, please let me know aswell...
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    DM-Batrankus is out on the UT Marketplace! Enjoy!

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    Some good stuff here!


      DM-Warheaven is f** awesome!!!)
      There's some collision bugs near the shield belt armor.
      You can walk right through a statue against a wall.
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