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DM-NeonTower (Student Project)

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    DM-NeonTower (Student Project)

    Hi, I'm a game design student and I'm working on a UT deathmatch map. It is suitable for 6 players.

    It's my first time taking on a project like this, so any feedback is appreciated as I will be iterating on this map.
    Have fun!




    Played the level and I must say that the layout is cool.

    As for the armor and health, it need much more work. There are way to many armor all across the level. Place them at strategic spots to make them worthy pickups. The level is relatively small so there is no need for more than 1 armor of each.

    Same as vials, they are to much of them and the KEG need to be move at a more attractive area.

    The outside areas are completely ignored by bots. The only reason why I kill some is because they was spawning few secs before I got there.

    Really nice crates you got there.

    Keep it up, it's a good start
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