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      We have a new post at our website!

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        Welcome aboard @Metalfist ! Pictured above are metal's new pestilence gas and antigrav effects. The prior effects were done up very quickly in the editor by me just as placeholders until our art dept could make up better effects, and above you see the results. Still WIP of course but impressive. As you have seen, TSK also just smashing it with real nice work(he never fails to impress). Now we have two of them! Two! Rumor has it a new mapper has entered the fray also. Hee hee and oh boy! Never in my modding years have i had such privilege to work with such as team as this. Chaos Rocks and long may it live.
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          tsk makes pretty pics

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            Chaos hits Internal Release 15

            warhead's changelog;

            Teleporter disk now shows in player's hands instead of translocator gun
            Bots no longer get Teleporter
            Implemented new Teleporter disk model, no more Trans Disk
            Made Teleporter disk more slidey when driving
            Teleporter disk now wobbles
            Moved Teleporter cam back to a more 3rd person view
            Teleporter now uses energy just like a relic
            Implemented new relic core architecture to support new relic models
            Implemented new Relic models
            Pestilence gas now damages player immediatly upon infection
            Pestilence gas now continually damages player if they stay inside it
            Pestilence gas now no longer blocks projectiles and grapple hook
            Moved Pestilence gas back a little so it doesn't block owner's view
            Improved spawning of Pestilence gas to look smoother
            Pestilence holder now can infect Vampire Bags and Cords
            Pestilence gas can now be blown away and split using Repulse
            New Pestilence poisoned hud effect
            Fixed Pestilence death message
            AntiGrav relic holder can now use Repulse to boost
            Turned off shadows and decals on many assets
            Fixed Ammo pickups not kicking in net play
            Fixed Lifts not working if a chaos pickup was sitting on them

            Did not get all bugs fixed so they carry over to next IR, for which we will tackle Medusa.

            Teleporter colors:
            Non team game: White
            Team game: UT Red or Blue team color (we use the UT color for the team, not our own color)
            No energy in MGE: Black

            :!: Note the three cool new interactions: Anti Grav Repulse boost, Pestilence vs Vampire (both cord and bag), Repulse vs Pestilence (blows gas away, and yes this is proportional to the charge)

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              New post on our website features samples of Shadowstar's sound design work for our new and improved Chaos Teleporter (as seen in above post).

              Be sure to stop by and give them a listen, he's done some fine work.



                Progress continues.

                Warhead has posted Internal Release #16, and here is how he describes it;

                IR16 4/12/2016
                Upgrade to 3/9/2016 version of UT
                New Ice Medusa Relic
                Implement new effects from Metal for Pestilence and AntiGrav
                You can now switch to other weapons while Teleporter Disk is deployed
                You can now use Fire and Alt Fire while driving Teleporter Disk
                Teleporter disk now gets destroyed instantly when damaged
                Teleporter disk now has it's own explosion effect
                Energy meter now displays when piloting teleporter disk
                New Teleporter sounds
                New Pestilence sounds
                New AniGrav sounds
                Relaxed grapple cable a bit at the end of a Pull
                Fixed issues with ItemGiven event
                Teleporter no longer based on UT Translocator
                Moved first person location of teleporter disk further out
                Fix sinking in net play while hanging with grapple cable
                Fixed issues with ItemGiven event
                Fixed Teleporter disk particle colorin the Alpha game
                Teleporter disk in hands no longer blocks shooting grapple hook
                Grapple actions up/down no longer allowed while flying teleporter disk
                Don't spawn relics in kill zones
                Kill zone now kills relic
                Kill zone now kills teleporter disk

                For this build we got wonderful new sounds from Shadowstar, and some new relic effects from MetalFist.

                Not only are we not slowing down, it actually seems as if we've been picking up steam.

                Thanks for reading!




                  this stuff is massively WIP


                    Excellent example of team work on new Pestilence Relic; Shadowstar's sounds, Warhead's code, thatscrawnykids' HUD effects, MetalFist's 3rd person effects



                      Work in progress. It's all work in progress.


                        You can pilot your Teleporter disc around the level. But they are destroyed easily, so be careful where you fly.

                        Players have a Repulse feature available. Repulse is a burst of energy, that acts like a kick that works 360 degrees around the player.

                        Fly your disc too close to a player, and one quick repulse destroys it.

                        Clearly WIP. Expect some art for the repulse effect, for example, and maybe different disc explosion.

                        Internal Release #17 coming soon.


                          Work in progress rail gun, by thatscrawnykid;

                          Today we have IR#17 released and loaded onto our test server. More info on that later.
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                            Vampire Relic mods in process from the dev studio. Not only will you look the part, but have enhanced movement also.
                            Much thanks to That Scrawny Kid for the awesome wing art!

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                            Bombing Run for UT3 Coder
                            The Reliquary TRBP team Coder http://unrealtournament2004.filefron...tEffects;92208


                              The head of our vast coding department, warhead, has unleashed IR18.

                              Another example of quality teamwork, where a mix of concept, sounds, art, and code come together.

                              No, it's not perfect yet. It's seriously WIP. But, as we say, onward and upward.


                                More great work. Keep it up!
                                Current Main Issues: Tri-Rox (Remove), Scoreboards lack player stats,Team Balance.

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