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    My apologies, my aim wasn't to promote another mod just to give feedback.


      Hope we get some way to distribute all of this crazy **** sometime soon.


        Ok Manic, understood. It's all good!

        Thanks for the support. I hope we are successful in getting this mod out, and that you join me online some day.



          Originally posted by R.Flagg View Post
          Ok Manic, understood. It's all good!

          Thanks for the support. I hope we are successful in getting this mod out, and that you join me online some day.

          I would like to see in my beloved ut:

          - JailBreak (I thinks its in development or so...dunno)
          - UTChaos (Hell yeah!!)
          - RocketArena
          - ClassicAssault
          - Maybe maybe the runestorm team with their BW
          - CTF4/DM 4 or whatever gametype with 4team support

          It would be awesome if could bring on there all these jewels in new ut, cos all this stuff it's what ut is meant to be and without them would'nt be ut
          Thanks to rflagg and staff from utchaos to bringing here that legendary gametype beside with JB! Thanks!
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            @darksonny -

            I think we are interested in multi-team game types, but it's just too early for us to comment on that yet. I'm just satisfied for the moment to know that Epic plans on making that possible.


              Something I can say is I loved chaosUT since UT99
              It's really awesome to see it come back

              Click image for larger version

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              Let's have some CHAOS!!!


                Originally posted by R.Flagg View Post
                thatscrawnykid - WIP - WillBeAnimatedInGame - Relics
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                Aw hell yes. Relics by day 1? Give it to me now.

                I've loved Chaos since the beginning but your weapons are generally so over the top that it's never remotely balanced and it's just insanity. (vortex I'm looking at you). It would be great if the ChaosUT team could make some tamer stuff to be a part of the main UT4 core. Like your gravity belt is a cool power up that could easily be a part of core UT4 to swap out with other powers and it would be nice to have a toned down version of the insanity like the vortex. Grapple hook is also always welcome but I feel like it should be updated beyond it's old functionality.

                Basically 2 versions. ChaosUT (a more balanced sane set) and "True"ChaosUT (Classic ChaosUT madness). I realize that double the mutator settings would take extra long, and trying to properly balance a set of guns is a lot bigger of a task but it's something to think about. I'd love to play Chaos with more people akin to closer to standard balancing.


                  Sorta of a compliment and insult all at once. Thanks still though, it's all good, as long as we're getting noticed. Boils down to the same old vanilla vs chocolate that is 99% of this forum anyway.

                  Take just the vortex comments for example. It's a class 10 weapon, so obviously it only compares to the redeemer. And yeah, I find it to be much more 'balanced' than the redeemer. For example, did you know that simply using your grapple on the ground can save you from the vortex in a lot of instances? Did you know that turning on your grav belt reduces the pull of the vortex on you? Combine the two and you're nearly safe every time. Not to mention that if you were managing the map more carefully, you would have gotten the vortex before I did in the first place. And so on. Or surround the vortex pickup area with lasers. Slap some sleeping proxies there as a trap. I could go on.

                  Many times when people say something about Chaos is 'insanely over the top unbalanced', it just means they don't fully understand the options available to them to counter the thing they are saying. More time spent playing the mod and learning all of the various ways to deal with different situations is recommended.

                  Another thing I would point out, is that in ChaosUT2 for example, you had a simple checkbox option to remove the vortex before you even started the match. That's just how considerate we are!


                    Yes I knew grapple could save you from the vortex but ChaosUT is very playable without grapple and just using the weapon set with default movement options. One good example of not using the whole Chaos set would be the Relics mutator, adding them into the default game adds an extra layer of choice and strategy that you can play without the ChaosUT weapons. To that note, I love Relic's and it only adds richness with choice, risk, and reward killing a player whos using the Relic or surprise killing them with Vengeance or sneak attacking them with Redemption's second chance spawning near by and so on.

                    The vortex's main issue is how long it lasted pulling so many people in from a fairly long time and long distance. It would be really easy to make a more "fair" version just by reducing the time how much it's around for or having it be around longer with less extreme pull radius. Since you balance the gun for use of grapple it's understandable why it is how it is but that doesn't stop the gun from spawn raping for quite a long time (much more so than Redeemer's big blast). I really loved the idea of it from the beginning, but the balance for the Vortex isn't quite there to be standardized in ChaosUT versions I've played.
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                      No problem. Lots of folks seem to loved the vortex over the years, but not everyone does, fair enough. Such is video games and ice cream. Keep in mind though that the grapple was only one of the counter measures that I mentioned. Mostly map control in various ways is key. And when you say 'quite a long time', it's really just several seconds. So another recommendation I would have is forcerespawn being Off. And choosing maps for your rotation that better suit your tastes. If for example, the map is so small and has spawn placements that close together - and Still includes a class10 weapon - well, if that's not what you prefer, remove the map from your rotation.

                      As far as spawn camping/"raping", well, you can see plenty of that without even loading Chaos. I played come CTF at the event in Cary recently, and there sure was a lot of it going on there, and not a vortex in site.

                      Anyway, we appreciate the feedback, thank you! And who knows, anything is possible. One thing is for certain, we are not even trying to just copy/paste any previous version to make this one. Of course there will still be a vortex, but as far as settings go, we are cooking from scratch. The only thing you can count on is that it's gonna suck.


                        Originally posted by R.Flagg View Post
                        Sorta of a compliment and insult all at once. Thanks still though, it's all good, as long as we're getting noticed. Boils down to the same old vanilla vs chocolate that is 99% of this forum anyway.
                        Haha, very true. Keep doing your thing man.


                          Originally posted by R.Flagg View Post
                          Boils down to the same old vanilla vs chocolate that is 99% of this forum anyway.
                          I wanna say that I like both vanilla and chocolate and I've had many good times with ChaosUT, just not as much as normal UT and I'm more of a vanilla fan but it's extra awesome to mix them. Vanilla with hot fudge what I'd call standard core + Relics. While the whole ChaosUT kicks, grapples and everything else is more like a giant sunday. Fun to play with but it's a bit much to have large doses of it

                          On the vortex: Looking at it again in ChaosUT Evo the problem with the weapon isn't the life span and I would even go as far to say it's not the pull either it's the messaging and lack there of for when you're inside the pull/imminent death radius and when you're not. Since everyone loves to use Deck as the example for scaling, I launched the vortex across the map a good distance and it still pulled me in from a very long distance but without messaging on when you're in danger and when you're safe the weapon feels cheap to fight against. Versus the Redeemer when you could see the explosion death radius so you could escape it if you knew the distance but the Vortex just has a small effect with a pull that seems to be 5-10X larger than the main death-radius point of no return. So this could be fixed up with a whirling debri's effect on the pull radius or some other sort of effect besides it being invisible.


                            Originally posted by R.Flagg View Post
                            Lots of folks seem to love the vortex over the years...
                            I personally have the "Vortex" on my UT2004 Zark Game Servers as one of my super weapons. With all the crazy transing going on, I can honestly say it's perfectly balanced for our style. It's actually quite hard on most large maps to send players to their gravital death, but when you do....OH BOY....I get the tinglees!
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                              Its good to see such a positive response towards chaos. We will be working hard to make this the best mod we can. While over the top is the M.O. for Chaos you would be surprised how much discussion we've had on balancing and design in the past month or so. The design is in good hands and I assure you a good time will be had by all when this mod is unleashed.

                              But for now have a bloody ******* sword:

                              Mike :aka: thatscrawnykid
                              Artist for Chaos: UT



                                really nice