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    [PROTOTYPE] DM4 - The Bad Place

    Um right, so I'm Benoyd on Twitch and IRC in case you didn't know my Forum-nickname. Here it is, the first public playable version of DM4 - The Bad Place. Enjoy!

    So, I'm kinda new to mapping (this is my first map ever) and decided to start out by re-making the old Quake-classic DM4 - The Bad Place. Chances are many if not most of you have seen this map either in Quake World, Quake 2, Quake Live or perhaps earlier iterations of Unreal Tournament. The reason I decided to go with DM4 is because it's kinda small, it has sharp corners and felt like a decent map to start with so I can get to know the editor. I've added music to the map made by a close friend of mine Charris (he posted the song here if anyone else wants to use it).

    1. Download the .pak-file here.
    2. Place it in the following folder: UnrealTournament-Client-XAN-2310572-Win64\WindowsNoEditor\UnrealTournament\Content\Paks
    3. Start Unreal Tournament and open the Console.
    4. Write open dm4_v1_3 and press enter.
    5. Enjoy, don't fall into the "lava".


    Thanks & Shout outs to:
    Chumbo for testing it on stream and providing feedback.
    Raxxy for he's general awsomeness and for the map packer tool.
    Tidalblast for some last second feedback.
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    ~ Benoyd ~