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    [OFFICIAL] DM-Overlord

    Hey guys,

    I just checked in a first pass of DM-Overlord.

    This map is meant to be gimmicky and serve as a fun example of experimenting with Blueprints and the kind of stuff you can do with them. The goal was for every BP created to be self sustaining and not requiring any altering of the core elements of the game in order to function.

    This is still a heavy WIP and is missing a few HUD messaging components that should make it in some time next week. I simply figured I'd rather have it in the wild now for a week to get it polished up a little bit more for the next cooked build. I'm all ears for any feedback and suggestions, broken things (which I most definitely expect there will be ) etc..

    The map:
    The basic premise is that there is a security system of sorts in the level (The Overlord) that players can take control of via a big scanner. Whoever has control of the Overlord can now access security areas that act as short cuts and provide extra pick ups as well as control various turrets around the level. The turrets will activate once you are within a certain range and they have to have line of sight on you. They will then start shooting at whatever you are currently looking at by themselves. You can kill yourself with these if you are not careful, they act just as if you fired a regular weapon.

    These are the BPs that make up the system:

    -Scanner: Automatically grabs all other relevant BPs and controls their status; scans players. Has settings for capture duration, active duration, and cooldown duration.
    - Door: Have an inward facing direction (the lock part needs to face outwards and assumes the door is governing a self contained space). These will only let the Overlord pass from the outside but it will let regular players escape from the inside bit (if they manage to bully their way in following the Overlord). If you get caught on the way in chasing the Overlord the doors can crush you
    - Display: Shows current status of the system (owning player, active/scan/cooldown progress)
    - Turrets: Various projectile variants (rocket/shockball/goo/flak shell/pulse)

    Since the BPs are self sustaining they are completely decoupled from concepts such as gametypes. I.e. it would be really straight forward to make a CTF map and throw these in, make more DM maps that include these, convert existing ones, and so on.

    Some screenshots:

    Anyhow, check it out and let me know what you think!
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    Not manage to play it yet but I took a peek at the blueprints, and for anyone who wants to see BP in action, and learn how to make blueprints talk to each other this is a really nice working example. If you can understand this then you can make a game in BP.

    Edit: The other amazing thing is if you want to make a variant on this map, guess what! You can. Blueprint isn't map specific!
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      Wow, thats a pretty sweet concept for a casual map.

      I like the look of the map and the concept, but the name i think needs to be changed to something else to not conflict with the inevitable remakes of AS-Overlord. I think the name DM-Overwatch would be better personally, as the word Overwatch fits better with a security system imo. Cant wait to eventually try it out!


        Holy wow!
        Awesome concept, Clawfist.
        I haven't been able to try this yet since I'm being very lazy and not wanting to compile the 4.5 preview (still waiting for the public release to be available in the launcher so I haven't even updated git all week ^_^)
        I'm sure raxxy is shaking his head at this ^_^

        I think once I get into this map, I could actually learn something by looking at those turret blueprints since I'm currently setting turrets up at the moment ...
        Can't wait to try this out.. Maybe I'll force myself to compile the 4.5 preview this weekend

        Nice stuff sir!
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          +1 regarding map name issue.
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            Saubere Arbeit Sidney cooles Desing ich hoffe die schafft es nächste woche in die Pre Alpha

            Nice Job Sidney cooles Desing i hope the Map com next week in the Pre Alpha


              I had no idea the blueprint system was so powerful! This map made me think of starcraft and Warcraft 3 custom scripted maps. DOTA, for example, started as a custom wc3 map. Same with all of those tower and hero defense maps. I bet some really awesome **** will be made for this game. Great work clawfist


                Originally posted by cafe View Post
                I had no idea the blueprint system was so powerful! This map made me think of starcraft and Warcraft 3 custom scripted maps. DOTA, for example, started as a custom wc3 map. Same with all of those tower and hero defense maps. I bet some really awesome **** will be made for this game. Great work clawfist
                Yeah, the blueprint system is pretty amazing and this map that Sidney made helps prove it! There are also quite a few awesome blueprint videos for UE4 already so if you want to see what else the blueprint system can do i heavily recommend checking videos like those out.


                  If you don't have overlord and you get killed by the doors falling down, the doors will stay stuck half way up and you can roll/crouch under them to get into rooms.

                  note: this is cooked for this weeks build, this is not running in the editor - some material assets are missing so this may not be a problem in the editor -- all blueprint functionality is there

                  Dropping a weapon under a door will prevent it from completely closing, and allow anyone to enter the rooms until the weapon is picked up and the door is re-activated by the overlord

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                    have not had a chance to play this yet, but it's on my HDD

                    Looks awesome in gameplay and Gfx, I'm gonna study these BP's real deep!

                    Good work Clawfist. And nice bughunting there Raxxy!

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                      Played it this morning on a american server, great concept! took me a while to find out that my mouse cursors could control those turrets.. I really wonder how this one plays out, great work.
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                        Thanks guys!

                        The doors *should* be killing all powerups (and did previously, it is looking for pickups to destroy when it's closing). Thanks for the find, will look into that on monday. I assume those missing assets will be remedied once the map gets into the official cook next week.

                        Joe is implementing a function that allows creating HUD widgets generically on player controllers, so once that is in sometime next week I can improve a lot of the messaging. I.e. broadcasting messages about the current status of the system (similar to how you get flag alerts in CTF), permanently letting you know if you are the Overlord and adding an extra crosshair element that communicates when you have control over turrets. That functionality will be really powerful for this sort of stuff without having to create your own gamemode, HUD, etc.


                          On the subject of greater integration; are you guys thinking of implementing things like OnFlagPickup events and event dispatchers for making CTF (and future gametypes) more interactive? Being able to kick off some BP when the flag is picked up / a DOM point is taken would be really cool.


                            That'd be nice to have for sure. You may be able to get those already (might have to check in the level BP by having a base selected and then right clicking to see if you get any context sensitive events). Not sure though, I haven't checked myself.


                              There doesn't seem to be a direct Taken event or IsHeld variable, but this seems to work. I'm a little nervous about the overhead caused by calling it off a Tick event but there doesn't see to be a related event OnPickup.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	GetFlagHolder.png
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                              Anyway, overlord has given me a CTF idea. I'll post a thread in a bit

                              I did have a question about the Enums but I'm just assuming they are just global to the project. It does raise the interesting point about other uses for E_SecurityState, especially the issue future expansion.