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    [PROTOTYPE] DM_Hangar


    This is my attempt at a map for Unreal 4.
    It is made as an assignment for school.

    The assignment in question is to create a small duel map.
    I think I am finished with the flow of the map, and the size was approved.
    The art is purely placeholder.

    All critique is welcome and highly asked for.

    Updated V2:


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    This is a bit early to give feedback on your layout imho since this looks to be a first iteration. I wouldn't consider the flow to be "finished" because the map is missing two very important parts that define flow:

    1) Lifts and jump pads
    2) Trick jumping opportunities

    Both these contribute heavily to the flow as you can reduce the time you need to go from one place to another quite significantly. As a first iteration it looks fine but there would be much work left to do to bring this map to its full potential. For a duel map it's even more important as you have to make sure the player can cycle through the armors and power ups and deny them all to his opponent if he's really good. A good example of a duel map that takes this into consideration is the work of NATO which is imo a really good map:

    Try to play this map and analyse all the paths and alternative paths you can take. Also do you plan to continue and work on this project or was it just for your school ? It would be nice to keep up and see where this goes, you would be amazed how a map evolves with a few iterations...

    Then DM-Hangar, why's that ? What's the story behind this map ? It's a pretty strong theme a hangar, even more in a sci-fi context. Would be nice to have a dock for space ships that come in and out or make drops or ammo / power ups. Having a strong theme helps a lot to come up with good ideas and opportunities for fresh gameplay.

    In any cases good luck with this project, hoping to see more !
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      Excellent feed back Raste.

      Inivicient I tried to play your map soon as you posted it, i downloaded the pak and went to test it out but something is wrong as when i went to chose the map it did not display in the map list even though it was in the right directory.
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        Thank you for the feedback Raste, it was very helpful.

        Indeed I was very wary of placing jumppads and the like, as I had no idea of level designing specifically for Unreal.
        After a few playthroughs I've added some in the new version and experimented with faster level movement and escape routes. I think it improved, but we'll see with more testing.

        As for the concept, indeed I am going for a sci-fi Hangar, inspired by Syd Mead. As such Clean, "high sci-fi" is the keyword.
        I'll be updating the map with meshes soon, as I'm still in the design phase and I don't want to rush this.
        The idea of integrating the theme in the gameplay is a very nice tip, did not think of that, so I'm making work of that.

        I have no idea what caused the .pak to not work code187, but I reuploaded the .pak, and I send it to someone for additional testing.
        I changed the gameplaymode and placed my map in a folder above my assets, so I hope that was the magic solution.
        If it still doesn't work, please do leave a comment, I want this to work.

        In general I'll be working on this map for some time as I want this to be a proper portfolio piece, and fully finished. So all comments are still very much appreciated.