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    [OFFICIAL] CTF-CrashSite

    Hey guys,

    I just added our first asymmetrical CTF map to the depot. This *should* make it into this weeks cooked build. We had tried an earlier version of this during a quick impromtu session at the community event and we've since had a chance to test internally again and I've made some changes/tweaks. Everything is still very much WIP regardless of course and subject to change.

    This also means we now have a first pass of code support for switching sides in CTF maps that makes all this possible - check this thread for info on that.

    About the level:
    The basic idea was to really push asymmetry to have a good test case for half-time/side switching. Therefore the entire level down to the items and everything else is heavily skewed. The Temple gets all the major powerups and has to travel uphill to assault the ship (but gets sneaky shortcuts into the flagbase) and a really quick descent if you manage to get back out of the ship alive. The ship on the other hand has a very turtle-able flagroom and a quick and easy way out to attack but a harder time getting back into the ship with the flag since it's all uphill. There are also jumpboots sitting in front of the temple that are crucial to control for some really quick flagruns.

    I figure it's worth mentioning that I'm not really worried about achieving something where one side is supposed to be 100% offensive versus defensive, but rather allow different plays on either end and adapt. Basically see what happens and experiment

    Looking forward to any and all feedback!

    Some screenshots:

    Attached Files
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    Screens not show correctly :/

    I'm very excited i love asymmetrical CTF maps! O.O


    Wow i want to try it now! hahaha. By the pics sounds veeeery good. Nice theme! More asymmetricals to come like UT99 has different tactics and not always unbalanced like some ppl say
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      Just seeing the screenshots, just, wow. I love this eerie, face3 design


        What an awesome concept.
        Dueling Flak Cannons
        We see the shells falling
        Together, we die


          I'm so amaze to see the map geometry and the well executed theme

          Seriously, how do you do to craft such quality level with BSP only ????!!!!! Really, all your level are so impressive, I don't know what to say !
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            Clawfist... This is just an awesome map. and with BSP only. You really need to do a live stream or recording of you working on a map from scratch so people can learn from your mastery over the editor.
            I keep saying UT4 will have the best maps of the series and you guys keep proving me right


              That looks simply amazing. Nice work, I cannot wait to play this!


                I love the theme!


                  Clawfist is a legend.


                    Thank you Clawfist. Looks pretty good.
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                      Originally posted by Stevelois View Post
                      I'm so amaze to see the map geometry and the well executed theme

                      Seriously, how do you do to craft such quality level with BSP only ????!!!!! Really, all your level are so impressive, I don't know what to say !
                      I know exactly what you mean. I can't even begin to understand how ClawFist goes about coming up with a design like this and THEN still manages to pull it off in BSP!! I would love to see his workflow and thought processes from start to finish.

                      I would happily pay for a game that has maps made purely from BSP if they looked as good as this
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                        wow look s good can wait too try it


                          Wow ...just WOW !!


                            Really curious how this will work out together with the team switch.
                            From the looks is pretty amazing ( again :P )
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                              Holy *****.... Is it friday already?!
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