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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Reaction

    I threw together a new map shell today that I'm fairly pleased with:


    It's a much faster paced map than Erase as it contains all the armours and a keg as well as it being a smaller arena in general.
    It's inspired by DM-Toxicity from quake

    Things that will likely change:
    Health vials at pads may dissapear
    Health vials at flak will be replaced by the 25 at the stairs near flak
    The doorway at link that overlooks the keg will be blocked off as it makes it too easy to get from vest to keg

    Feedback appreciated

    Is there a place to download the new version?


      this looks really cool like to try it out
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        This looks pretty cool. I would like to try it out. I like how you set up the map to work well with wall jumping.
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          Thanks for the positive feedback

          Hopefully I can get a version available for the new build so people can start playing on it, but i'm not sure when this'll be as I don't have the 4.6 version of the engine.

          I may have to pester someone to do it for me :P

          EDIT: So after some time I've come to the conclusion that I am incapable of cooking the map for 4.6

          It may be some time before I can get a cooked version out but If anyone especially wants to see it in game and has access to the editor they're more than welcome to take it and cook it

          Sorry... I'm gonna have to start working out how to do things myself ^^
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            Looks fantastic, too different like your other map posted, i like a lot in this i see more TDM than the other, a bit large than the other i think. Keep up the good work!


              After experimenting with this map the last few days I have came up with a conclusion:

              This map is advertised as a duel (1on1) map on some of the duel servers in UT. I played around 6 or 7 games on it. There are a lot of problems with this map for it to be a duel map. The flow is very weird. I also saw people mention this could play out to be a good TDM map. This is not the case because it is too big. The decent layout could transverse this into a good pub DM map for 4-6 players.

              -The shield belt shouldn't be in a pile of goo that does damage. However the belt could be placed on a thin solid strip with sides of goo beside it.

              -The teleporters are really awkward. When I dodge into one, I get thrown out the window and tossed out the map, resulting into an infinite void of falling and me opening up console to type suicide.

              -Keg of health is not necessary. Even for an FFA map.

              -The two 25 health pickups should be moved a bit further away from the vest.

              Right now, it has a decent layout but I believe this map isn't up to potential to be a duel map, but a good FFA map. Anywho, keep up the good work with your maps!
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                The layout here looks like it allows for some fun movement and sick gameplay, Keep it up!


                  Hi Flikswich!

                  I'm really enjoying your map ERASE, are you going to continue working on this map too?
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