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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF-Generator

    Wip2 pak

    It took me a while to actually finish it but here's my new CTF map which implements the flag status BP stuff from my tutorial.

    When a teams flag is taken all their doors open, and the base fans stop. When the flag is returned they start up again. This should mean that getting into a base is trickier than getting out, unless both flags have been taken.

    While the flag is at base it is "charging a powerup". This takes 90 seconds and will pause when the flag is removed from the base. After 90 seconds the fields blocking the udamage will open and allow team members though. The boards around the map track this progress and thus who is near taking the udamage. When the udamage is taken the system will reset - anyone trapped behind the fields will, unfortunately, be atomised (NATO industries apologises for any inconvenience this may cause).

    This is a little gimmicky so I don't expect everyone to like it, I'm also a little worried that the midfield will be too confusing but I enjoyed making it and hammering something more beefy together with BP. Massive props to Clawfist for giving me the idea via DM-Overlord, and for giving some great BP working examples to compare with. Let me know what you guys think! If anyone would be interested in the unpacked version and assets let me know!

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    I think you have an great theme here backed up by an awesome gameplay idea

    I really like the idea of a charging powerup timer and the opening up of doors/new paths when a flag is taken. I can't say for sure if this is a good sugegstion (as i'm not sure on map scale) but I think it would work well thematically to have some paths blocked off by rotating fans which cause insta-death, but which are deactivated when a flag is taken. This could potentially open up some interesting flag routes, or possibly faster ways for the enemy team to catch a flag runner, and personally I wouldn't see it as particularly gimmicky at all

    Anyway, nice work so far, even as someone who has never been into CTF, this map makes me exited to play it


      Originally posted by Flikswich View Post
      some paths blocked off by rotating fans which cause insta-death, but which are deactivated when a flag is taken. This could potentially open up some interesting flag routes, or possibly faster ways for the enemy team to catch a flag runner
      under the flag base there's a massive fan (which will kills you) taking the flag deactivates it allowing the flag carrier quickly drop down and make their escape on the lower floor. If you time it perfectly you can shoot a trans disk though the running fan and hop through, grab the flag and drop back down.


        Awesome stuff NATO.
        I look forward to jumping around in this!


          Hey man,
          So, I finally had some time to run around in CTF-Generator for a while and I really like the concept. I think the layout will need some getting used to, but I don't think it's too much of a maze - it actually seems to be a pretty small layout :-)

          Very cool ideas with the BPs, too.


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              Very nice map, i run around on it and i like it. Only one inconvenience in the flag bases i can't use the ramp, can't get the top in any way that i try, the rest of the map i like the layout a lot, put an eye on this, awesome!


                Thanks everyone! There are a few changes I want to make so I'll put up a WIP2 soon. Would be nice to sort some more concrete testing out too.


                  Haven't gotten a chance to actually play a proper match yet but ran around in it for a bit today.

                  Some feedback:

                  - Really dig the circular rooms, and overall concept of the layout
                  - It does feel a bit tight in a few spots (i.e. through UT99 movement eyes it might seem fine but with current movement you can blaze through it very very quickly and get snagged here and there while doing it). Might not be a big issue bot something to keep an eye on regardless
                  - The generator mechanic is awesome, doors/fans etc, good idea
                  - The udamage access charging thing is a really neat idea though it seems like it might be more fair/interesting if each side had their own powerup to access as opposed to sharing one only?
                  - Similar to the map feeling tight comment, it does feel like there is very little space in between each section, especially the midfield. Everything feels very closeby
                  - Might be nice to stretch some of that out a bit, even if it just ends up being turning a doorway into a pretty short hallway or something
                  - I also think that would make your doors much more meaningful; currently feels like you can travel just fast (if not faster) by taking one of the always open routes
                  - If you made regular paths take a bit longer/stretched out midfield a bit more you could make the doors have a huge impact by giving access to shortcuts or movement perks (i.e. boots or jumppad)

                  Really nice job overall man, looking forward to seeing where you'll take this!


                    Thanks for the feedback! I keep meaning to set up a proper test session for it.

                    You mirror some of the same things I felt regarding size, especially regarding the midfield. There is little definition where the base ends and the midfield begins. Similarly for the doors, they have felt off for a while. I liked how they gave good defending access, being able to swap between inside and outside the flag rooms and maintain the height advantage worked really well, but as a flag runner they're not as impactful as I'd like. I do however feel it suffers from not being played; the map is somewhat designed to avoid stalemates by allowing more attacker paths when both flags are taken.

                    I'm glad you like the circular rooms, I was very happy with how they turned out. Doubly so after I rebuilt them.


                      Wip 2 is now up. it's largely just a rebuild for the new version but I fixed a small bsp issue.

                      Wip2 pak


                        wip3 please by wip2 crashed my game


                          is the Map die?


                            Not entirely. Other things got more important. Been meaning to go back to it, maybe after 4.11