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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF-Starship

    This level is overall a fun experiment I wanted to try. It is basically mixing the infinite dodging and low gravity to get some fun level design instances.

    Overall iv'e always felt that moving around CTF maps is a lot of fun when doing so with a translocator but as soon as you get the flag you become a lot more limited in terms of your movement. This is for a good reason obviously and I didn't set out to destroy that but I wanted to try and create a map that is just as fun to get around even with the flag. Although the map is low gravity most of the central areas are still regular gravity.

    Everything in this map is SUPER wip. I am going on vacation tomorrow so I didn't have time to properly test this map and wanted to get the map up to get peoples opinions so it is in a bit of a rough state and may have issues or places players can glitch out. The layout is also very early and I'm definitely looking for feedback on it but I am aware that some areas are a little bland atm and item pickups are lacking : ) Map will be space themed, basically ships shooting through hyperspace.

    Latest Download:

    Here are a few pictures to hopefully explain some of the things I was going for to mix things up a bit.

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    Do all those trick jumps work? If so, dang good job. I'll grab this tonight and play around with it.
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      I'll take a look at this soon, interesting ideas however


        This is a promising map sir mrevil.. perhaps the best I've played so far I think

        Creative use of gravity.. and I like how you can save yourself from a fall with the Trans.


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          Originally posted by Sir_Brizz View Post
          Do all those trick jumps work? If so, dang good job. I'll grab this tonight and play around with it.
          Yes all of the trick jumps work, most of them are extremely easy to do as well. This isn't setup like a trials map, I wanted to keep all of the moves the players were doing feeling extremely fluid, should feel like a natural part of the gameplay/flow instead of a challenge to complete.

          Also I tried loading up the map on another computer with the latest UT build and I noticed all of the wall textures are going to default materials currently so not sure if that's just an issue with me using an older build to make this map where a texture reference got changed or removed or if something was wrong on the computer I played it on, either way I'll look into fixing it next week when I'm back from vacation Also I believe the killz may be missing/ not working so also on the fix list XD


            Had a bit of a run around in Starship, I like the idea with the possibilities of the jumps.
            My one bit of feedback at this point is that it "feels" that the map may be on the larger side. I think that it could be reeled in even if just a little bit? :-) Even for higher player counts, I'm not sure it will feel any smaller in the current iteration. I'm sure you're still working on this since as you mention this is your first iteration and it's all superWIP.
            If you do decide to scale it down, I suppose you may have to play with some of the low gravity values to keep the jumps, but I think the current state of the low gravity would be even better if scaled in.
            I can definitely see this map working very well in instagib. Looking forward to more progress.

            *As for the texture issue, that is usually something that can happen if the texture you're using on the map is not loading properly in the build. It has happened a lot in the past to a lot of folks (myself included) so it's not really a problem with your computer. You can fix it by including the texture that is missing when you .pak the file

            cheers ^_^
            Nice work.


              not in agreement with Jay.. keep it large and in charge. :-)

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                Thanks for the feedback guys I will look into making some changes to the overall size but want to get a little more feedback on it before doing any major changes. I've made quite a lot of improvements to the layout in this version, mostly completely redoing the flag rooms but I'm hoping to focus on the central parts next.

                Jayoplus - Thanks for the tip, will be sure to do this in the next build

                Changes coming in next update:
                - Almost completely changed the flag rooms to be a lot less open and a lot more exciting to attack and defend.
                - Added deco and lighting to sides of the map to distinguish teams, red/blue sides
                - Added arrows at some points to help guide players
                - Fixed KillZ
                - Fixed wall textures not working
                - Added team colors to the forcefields
                - Fixed some of the areas it was too easy to snipe all the ways across the map, basically cut down on the view distances along the sides of the map
                - Fixed various layout changes

                Hoping to have a new version up very soon


                  Nice good luck!


                    Updated map with above changes, having an issue with setting the map up using custom materials however so forcefields are green instead of team colored.



                      Ran around in v2 a bit, some feedbackL

                      - Wall dodges are a lot of fun in low grav and some cool/interesting moves in there!
                      - Switching between gravity sections is nice though some of the regular gravity areas still are quite tall and easy to take fall damage in
                      - It's a little far on the huge side IMO
                      - I think it'd be a lot more interesting/palatable if instead of there being two parts to each base with no perceived midfield you got rid of the secondary base parts and retooled it into a singular proper midfield
                      - Would be curious to see what you can come up with if you created some more slanted geometry that roughly approximates something a bit more ship like, everything is very cardinal square right now

                      Looking forward to seeing where you take this, really interesting concept!


                        Awesome thanks a lot for the feedback I'll work on getting a much more refined version of the level up with all of these changes