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    A few of the recent changes that went into the map. Flag room tweaks have been in there for a while but never really pointed out.

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    • You can lift jump on the platform in the back of the base and wall dodge down to the pipe which now has a little extra lip you can land on
    • No more spawns right next to the flag

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    • Side elevator reworked to be less snaggy
    • New wallrun added between elevator platform and jump pad (works on the way in & out)

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    • Reworked dam itself to be flush with the platforms on either side which makes wall runs more reliable (and allows for more speed going into the runs if you time it right)
    • New Redeemer spot at the bottom that is more fun to fight over and adds more purpose to the space down there

    Still considering a few other changes (midfield) but want to let the map rest a bit again first. One thing I am unlikely to touch again is the overall size since the increased pace overall has done the map more good than bad.

    Looking forward to any and all feedback as always, thanks!


    Old Post:

    Hey guys,

    I took a stab at reworking the midfield of CTF-Dam from scratch over the past couple days. It's been a long time coming and I've finally had enough of a breather to commit to it. We've played a few matches internally and iterated a bit and so far the change seems very positive. The map is significantly smaller now while still retaining some of the turtle-y nature of the bases. The bases haven't changed outside of the old mini corridor being gone and the windows on the high path now facing the same way as the other exits - reducing the overall turn around possibilities and some of the more confusing nature of the previous circular layout. Overall everything should be a lot clearer to navigate and easier to understand while sill retaining juke possibilities and complex plays.

    This should make it into this weeks cooked build, looking forward to any and all feedback!

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    Awesome work! Right off the bat, I'm liking the changes. While I liked the curved bridge in the older versions, I felt the mid-field overall was too expansive to create consistently compelling battles. I think this change will make the combat in middle much more focused, especially when the flag carrier is crossing. Really looking forward to trying this out!
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      Wow, just from the shots I can tell I'm going to enjoy this a lot more. I liked the old Dam fine but it was too big with the bases too confusing to play it consistently.
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        These changes are even more extensive than I thought. I really liked some of the old parts you cut out, but I completely understand why it was done. Right now the whole map feels much more open, much less of a maze to navigate through. Overall impression is good, the map seems faster and more accessible, but I think I need a few games to really adapt to the changes.
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          About time B)

          Looking forward to testing this out.


            The layout is a lot better than the last build, it feels much easier to get around now and it's near impossible to get lost now. Though it does need bot pathing.

            Still a good map to explore and play around with.


              seems too fall trouth the map there


                I like the map a lot, but i found that if you have the flag and go for the belt have a dead end, you need to walk a lot to seach a path to your base because the more close are the "fence" and only can use TL...


                  I really like the fast pace of this new version.
                  I've played it a few times now just to get as good a feel as possible and I think this is a good update.


                    Looks great from screenshots, only advice is to make that paneled metal material a bit less reflective, so that when the player is on the map they're not blinded by sun reflection.


                      I would just like to point out that lifts behind the flag are unbalanced when you compare both sides. While on one base you can liftjump on the platform above the flag, on the other base you get just a very small jump.

                      Is this on purpose? Could it be unified?


                        Ha, good catch. I'll get a fix in, thanks!


                          Hey Sid working you an a new Map for us

                          I Like CTF-Dam its a very cool Map


                            I still feel this map's midfield got very boring as it changed to the smaller more simple layout whereas the old layout caused very interesting fights at the water with the pillars. Any plans to make tweaks to midfield? We need more obstacles and possibly slightly larger midfield IMO.


                              Updated OP with update, thanks for the feedback!