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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF-Elemental


    CTF-Elemental v0.1
    A Capture the Flag map (work in progress) for the new Unreal Tournament, built with Unreal Engine 4 using assets from Epic's “Elemental” GDC 2012 demo.

    CTF-Elemental is a WORK IN PROGRESS map, and should not be considered as final. This map is graphically intensive, and requires a high-end machine in order to run smoothly. There are numerous bugs, errors, and graphical glitches which may negatively affect gameplay and/or crash the UT client.

    CTF-Elemental Release Notes and Version History can be found here:



    I’m excited today to show off a first look at CTF-Elemental, A Capture the Flag map (work in progress) built using assets from Epic’s Elemental GDC 2012 demo.

    Over the last month, I had made a lot of progress on a VR side scroller Elemental mod, which I had code named “Project Ethereal.” I learned a ton about UE4 this way, but the more thought and effort I put into carving out Epic’s demo, the more I figured it’d work really well as an Unreal Tournament CTF map too. So I used the last few days to familiarize myself with the UT workflow, and finally was able to dig into everything today. My first results are in the video above, and it’s an incredibly early look at what is coming!

    Here’s some thoughts on the kind of road map I’m planning:
    • Elementals spawn when flags are first picked up
    • Elementals can be destroyed, but have high HP
    • Elementals loop area attacks ’til death
    • Defeat Elemental to add 1 to your team’s score?
    • Randomize Lava Knight’s meteor spawns, and have them deal damage
    • Make Frost Giant fire some type of damaging frost beam
    • Block out more defenses for open field combat
    • Add a volcanic tunnel system leading into the volcano, so as to allow flanking of the red base
    • Add a second path around the ice wall’s left side

    The map is pretty large, so there’s definitely a ton of space to tighten up. But that also means there’s a lot of opportunity to make interesting combat with a large number of players. It’s extremely obvious that this level was never really intended to be played (it was just a cutscene), so there’s quite a bit of collision work to do to make a polished experience. I’ve spent a good number of hours already cutting stuff out and modifying all the assets, and I expect to spend quite a few more. I’m really looking forward to getting the map into the community’s hands so I can get some feedback on it. I definitely need help iterating on weapon/pickup placement, as well as where I can add better routes and how I can better smooth things out.

    By all means, watch the video and give me and and all ideas you might want to see implemented. I’m hoping to get all that together and have a fully playable alpha some time around the first of the year. 2015 here we come!
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    Lack of visual clarity is first thing that comes to my mind after watching video.


      Wow. Fantastic.


        Judging from the video, I'll say this:

        It looks awesome! However, I really dont think the elemental demo would play well as an UT map outside of being a fun gimmick map or something like that. Basically a map that people play primarily just for the fun of it.

        Why wouldnt it play well? I'm thinking mainly because the level itself seems to mostly just be the cinematic ported into UT4. Alot of the assets for that were mainly made to stay cinematic aside for, perhaps, some very few things that are featured in the demo. Overall if you want to keep working on this map and supporting it as just a cool map to play for the fun of it, I'm all for it since its visually awesome! But i cant say this map would work very well when it comes to working with the gameplay this game will have.


          Honestly, I think you chose the right gametype to make a map that can disguise the player with the environment like that. CTF is a good gametype to use the environment as an advantage to get from one base to another. Really great work, this is obviously a step above visually in anything we've seen in a UT level before. This could possibility become a great ONS gametype as or dare I say the "Invasion"/"Monsterhunt" standard at one point. I'd love to see some evil snow Skaarj in that map.

          Merry Christmas to you!


            Yeah, it looks good, but I think you are doing it in wrong order. My points are:
            1. It's better to begin with a basic map, update it till people say they like it and only then add fancy graphics, otherwise it will be neglected after the first launch.
            2. Second concern is wild system requirements, since it's based on tech demo. I won't be surprised if that map alone takes more disk space than current build with a dozen of maps. You know, UT is arena shooter and there are lot of guys obsessed with high and stable framerate. If you need top end PC to run it smoothly, no one will play it.
            3. Visual clarity is not there.

            If you are more into graphics, then maybe it's good idea to collaborate with mapmakers. There are already some great maps out there gameplay-wise, but they have very simple visuals.


              Guys just because this map might possibly have some playability issues is meaningless. It actually looks pretty cool and I'm extremely interested to try it out.
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                Originally posted by Sir_Brizz View Post
                Guys just because this map might possibly have some playability issues is meaningless. It actually looks pretty cool and I'm extremely interested to try it out.
                I agree, it looks cool and seems like a very fun map to play, so in hindsight i feel a bit too harsh with my past criticisms.

                Will be fun to play this map, eventually!


                  Looks cool
                  I like how it looks from inside of the castle.You can change it a bit and use that main castle on two side {for red base and blue base}.and it could be something like that snowing maps in UT3 {Maybe a VCTF map! }.and maybe lighting need more works.make it bigger and just a little changes to outside of the castle and it could be awesome


                    Thanks all, for the interest and support! I made a lot more progress yesterday building things out, and I'll post some new screenshots later tonite.

                    Originally posted by MacD11 View Post
                    Why wouldnt it play well? I'm thinking mainly because the level itself seems to mostly just be the cinematic ported into UT4.
                    I can't totally disagree with this initial assessment. When I first opened the level, it was a disaster. The project folder is now massive (over 20 GB, I think, would have to check for exact figure), and there were a metric ****-ton of assets designed for cinematic use. However, I figured the level just needed a bit of massaging to make it playable. I started by finding all of the "out of place" assets... stuff like floating trees/rocks/ice, and either moving or deleting them. Next I did the same thing for all the stray lights and particle effects. I then removed a number of tracks from the cutscene matinee that I felt were no longer needed. In true noob form, this indiscriminate deletion totally led to an error, which I did not notice 'til last night.

                    An aside note... that original cutscene matinee is INSANE. It's freaking huge. Far more tracks than I assumed were there, and the matinee editor's interface doesnt exactly make it easy to find what you're looking for. (Trying to scroll through the track list efficiently is an exercise in futility, and many tracks aren't properly sorted). I plan to work on splitting this up, likely into multiple matinees so they can be modified and looped more efficiently.

                    Second thing I had to tackle was collision. True to form, a lot of the objects in Elemental were designed strictly for a cutscene environment, and were never meant to be playable. So a lot of things ended up colliding with the player in ways that were strange and unnatural. To get things working quickly, I simply removed the collision from a number of objects. Most of these were rocks (matinee-triggered falling rocks in the castle, floating rocks in the water, random snow on the ground, etc), but there are a couple instances with other objects (Elementals themselves, effects areas) as well as with some of the terrain. There was even an instance or two where I did something hacky, like using a carefully placed blocking volume in order to smooth out player navigation. After all that, I was finally able to wander around the map unconstrained. Then I used a careful array of blocking volumes to literally cage the played inside the bounds of the landscape. Good 'ol invisible walls.

                    While there are still a few collision discrepancies, the map's general layout is now completely playable. It's still very large, and you can run between bases completely unobstructed, and swim the entirety of the lake. There's a huge amount of surface area, and a lot underwater, too. Admittedly, it's definitely not one of the most interesting maps to play as far as UT goes, as you're pretty much just running around outside. There's not a lot of cover, no alternate/escape routes, not very many opportunities for truly exciting gameplay.

                    That being said, this is now where the real level design begins. This is where I begin to add features and layouts like you're already familiar with seeing from other popular UT maps. Some of this I've already built (just not yet shown), but it includes building out the ice lake, extending the castle, and adding an extensive network of underground tunnels. There's a lot more to come as I continue to build, and I'm sure once you all play it, you'll have different opinions and more stuff for me to modify!

                    To address the visual clarity... keep in mind that in the original video, lighting has not yet been built to production quality (or at all). This may account for some of that. In fact, as I stated above, my unchecked deletion of assets when I started led to a lighting build error, wherein the editor crashes during a lighting build with an "FResourceRender" error. I'm still trying to track down the references in question in order to solve this issue.

                    Additionally, I did make some changes to the map's atmosphere, modifying the fog, directional lighting, and sky sphere. I also placed more snow and wind effects in ideal locations around the map so the area could seem more natural. Admittedly, these effects absolutely obstruct your line of sight, and will likely make it more difficult to visually track targets while on the surface. Whether or not that's a bad thing is an answer that'll likely have to wait until the map has more than one player on it.

                    Either way, more screenshots are coming later this evening, and hopefully I can have something playable to all of you here in the next week or two.


                      The lake in the middle seems like a complete death trap. Is there any way to go around it? If not, maybe it should be completely frozen over so you can walk on it.


                        Right now, there's kind of a way around it. You can already bypass the water along either side by just hugging the edge. I've strategically placed some jump pads along the edges that would allow you to eventually scale around either side of the ice wall Additionally, I plan to create an underwater tunnel that would be accessible from beneath the water, and re-open at the base of the wall, inside the blue team's base. I may also consider adding a surface landing pad or two in the water, just to break things up a bit. I'd personally rather not freeze over the entire lake unless that's what players would prefer, but I'm open to suggestions!


                          Screenshot dump!

                          These screens show the first tower I worked on yesterday, which sits near the middle of the map. It'll help provide a way to break up the landscape, as well as account for entrances and exits from the tunnel network below. I'll also be implementing a few decent vantage points across the map, to make good locations for snipers. I plan to build a similar structure on the opposite side of the lake.

                          These shots (above and below) show the first of these lift chutes, which come up from the tunnels below.

                          The lava hallway (I'm gonna turn it into a lava lake so you can push people into it... yup) extends for a while before arriving at a winding staircase.

                          And the staircase leads you to an opening directly behind where the Lava Knight would spawn in his chair... right behind where I placed the red base. From here, you could make a mad dash out the front door...

                          Things are coming along nicely over here!
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                            Pretty but might not be really fitting and fun for UT4. Just saying :P
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                              Well, it reminds me a lot of UT2004 in terms of art, so why not, UT2004 shouldn't be ignored during creation of UT4.