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    Map takes place on the top of 4 very tall skyscrapers. Overall a medium sized CTF map with a few unique layout elements. Looking for any and all feedback regarding gameplay and layout.



    Oh wow, this looks pretty great.

    I'll definitely be checking this out as soon as it's on a server.


      God, I've always wanted an office-themed map for UT.


        Looks nice on the screen shots. I downloaded it but it crashes. Looks like it does not work if you dont have the Engine.
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          Originally posted by code187 View Post
          Looks nice on the screen shots. I downloaded it but it crashes. Looks like it does not work if you dont have the Engine.
          This is running on all CTF servers I have right now, works fine.


            i seen you in there testing it, i tried the auto download plus i did it manually both times it crashed. Also crashed trying offline, ill try again.

            Edit: Yeah tried again, same result. I wonder if anyone else is having the same issue.
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              Nice to see something urban themed, shell has a cool feel to it!

              Planning on giving this a proper playthrough next week - some feedback just based on running around or a bit:

              - The step size is humongous, it feels like they are ~50 units tall which would be roughly knee-high for a regular person. I generally find it a good practice to go with 20 (or 25 if need be). Also as a general note that really applies to all shells - if you do insist on using stairs instead of ramps for shells you should be throwing ramp like blocking volumes on there to avoid stutter popping as you walk up.

              - The swinging doors at the keg are a bit buggy and don't always open/close properly which can be very awkward when you are inside and they stay open but then try to close as you are trying to get back out of the space. Regardless of that swinging doors will most likely cause you more of a headache than they are worth in the long run (having to either deal with allowing them to clip players or otherwise start pushing them around since you'll need to manage multiple open/close conditions based on wether or not a player is inside the trigger and so on). I'd suggest going with single or double sliding doors instead.

              - Minor really but some of the pipes being used as walkways don't really feel "safe" to be used as such since there's some decent gaps around them in a few spots (i.e. where it connects to a window leading outside). I'd suggest maybe adding planks in a few of those spots to make them a bit more obvious walkable traversal options.

              Great job overall, looking forward to trying this out!


                Thanks for the feedback

                The step size is definitely way too big XD I was using blocking volume ramps on them but still way too big, will definitely fix in the next version

                I'll actually remove the doors going to the keg or just set them to always be open would be better, they served no real purpose and if anything may help players camp in there too easily.

                Will also go through and do a quick pass on some of those pipes because I definitely agree that there are some unnatural gaps you feel you will fall through

                Thanks again!


                  well done on the map evilmrfrank! i really like it. it's good to see a nice big open map, with multiple flag running routes.

                  some feedback - i'm no mapper so i wont be speaking in your language, but hopefully it makes sense:

                  - the 'invisible ceiling' is way too low. the jumpboots in the map open up some awesome dodge - boot jumps across the middle, but the invisible ceiling doesn't allow it. ie... you could jump with boots from the top shock with dodge across to the one of the base window entry points. also, if you jump with boots at all at the shock, you will hit the 'roof'. so it removes jumpboot combos around the shock, which would be cool. i understand if you don't want to allow people on top of the buildings, but the open air areas could use more height. at the top near the shock, i'd like to get on top of the crane - but can't. it's not crucial, but could allow for good battles there as the shield is just below.

                  - it would be good if you made the translucent windows/panels more obvious. at times i felt like a bird flying into a window :P if there's a point where you can still see through, but it's obvious you can't go through it, that would be good. or... make them open completely? the amp room i understand leaving closed in though

                  - there's a narrow ledge that runs along the base (goes under a ramp) but you can only walk along it halfway or so. it could be interesting to allow it to go all the way around... or at least around the back of the base. that one i could take or leave though.

                  that's about all i can think of right now. great work, and keep it coming!