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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Nails 1v1/FFA

    DM-Nails is a cathedral themed map in oldschool mapping style. The map will have custom stained glass windows depicting UT style images. Currently only one low-res UT logo window is on the map. The upper areas of the map are typical cathedral architecture and the lower portion is cavernous with a molten basin.

    Weapon Placement and Item Placement
    Bio Rifle is near the center of the map, I felt a "low priority" weapon may as well be in a high traffic area to make players head to the edges of the map to get better weapons. The bio is in an area close to many entrances and an elevator. The center of the map might just be the perfect place to spam goo.

    Link Gun is on a bridge in an area where strafing is limited and lengthy straight-aways. This should make it's primary and secondary very deadly.

    Shock rifle being a high priority, it's in a low portion of the map adding to the risk of collecting it. There are many possible angles of attack to be considered when going to pick it up.

    Stinger is in a reletively level area and also an area where you can easily pick-away at enemies on multiple levels.

    Flak is in a small teleporter room with a 90 degree entrance making the room easy to defend. Once through the teleporter the Flak will be useful with the low ceiling and limited room to strafe.

    Rockets are in a corner of the map so you'll have to travel to it when the time is right (in between power ups and frags). It is in a wide room where it is useful and possibly dangerous to escape.

    Sniper is at the top of the map just steps away from some of the longest shooting lanes on the map.

    Shield belt is in the lava pit with 2 ways out, dodging right off the pad will get you up the wall ramp or you can run to the tunnel. A quick dodge or wall dodge from any level of the map can put you right onto the belt.

    Vest and Thigh Pads are in upper areas both in corners. The helmet is in between. I felt the armor was spaced pretty well.

    Damage amp is behind a metal door you can open by shooting. Currently the door does not open with bio rifle shots, stinger secondary, or flak primary. The door takes some time to open so you'll have to be sure no one is around during a free for all match.

    I think the main strategy of this map will be to control the center from bio to sniper. This won't be easy since the center is devoid of armor and ammo. Health and armor are around the edges of the map allowing disadvantaged players to sneak around and try to stack on vials and steal armor. Sound cues and ambushing people at entrances will probably be a major tactic on this map.

    You can wall dodge off the left side of the archway to get to the Vest without using the ramp. It's tricky.
    You can wall dodge from the vest to the upper bridge.
    You can elevator jump to the ledge by Thigh Pads. You can also jump and wall dodge from one side of the thigh pad platform to the other.


    Please give me feedback. I have already thought of some possible room re-workings but I'd like to see how well this works as is for 1v1.

    Nice map. Had a quick run around Can imagine it being very fun. Great to finally see a secret room good work.
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      The lava definitely has a quake vibe lol. A bit of feedback from the video:

      - It's very dark in some places
      - The belt area has a ceiling a bit too low, as you cannot wall dodge without hitting your head (if you say it works then ok !)
      - The hidden amp is a nice idea, but you might want to have a faster door. Check out DM-Turbines or DM-Phoebos for that
      - The area in 0:39s could use a few jump pads to get to the chest armor no ?
      - The amp is a dead-end. Very very risky. Also there should always be two ways to reach a power up. Maybe you could create another way in, with two doors and the effect of surprise when you see the other door open

      Otherwise to looks like a good start !
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        Looks great so far. I'm getting a "quakey" vibe which is good and i'm also getting a DM-Agony vibe. I especially like the hidden amp.

        The map definitely looks dark but this could be remedied with the addition of more stained glass windows which open up into the skybox. If it's still too dark in some areas then make the indirect lighting higher. Also I think it'd be quite cool to have the belt stranded on it's own smaller island in the corner so you are forced to dodge onto it and dodge back.

        Keep it up


          Nice work!


            Unfortunately I cannot continue work on this map until I buy a new hard-drive.


              I really wish people would stop putting 2 vials near a health pack. It's a lame gimmicky trend that needs to go away forever.
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                New Pak for UE 4.7 please


                  Looks interesting in the video. Need a a new build for the new version of the game I'm downloading now though.