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Multi-flag CTF (XMP-like)

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    [PROTOTYPE] Multi-flag CTF (XMP-like)

    Lately I've been working on a gametype that will hopefully eventually become the basis for XMP. I started with a relatively simple task: to make a modified version of CTF that works with multiple flags.

    For those who don't know (and possibly don't care) about how XMP works, here's how my mod works right now:
    • Each team starts with two (or more) flags in their flag bases. I use the Goal Score variable to set exactly how many (each team gets half the Goal Score's worth of flags).
    • All flags in the game can be picked up at any time and captured at any time (you don't need any flags in your base to capture a flag). That means there can and will be situations where there are four or more flag carriers at the same time.
    • The goal of the gametype is to be the the team that owns all flags in the game.
    • The score is actually the number of flags on each base. If someone takes a flag, the score is lowered to show that the flag is not on a base (meaning that all flags can belong to your opponents' team, but as long as at least one is out in the field, you still have a chance to recover).

    I'm actually quite curious to see how the rules would work in a 4-team environment. I'd imagine it would work better than 4-team vanilla CTF, because this gametype requires you to take flags from the leading team, as opposed to from the team with the weakest defence.

    Overall I'd like to see some discussion about this. For one, it would be decent as a standalone UT gametype, or a mutator for CTF. For another, it's the core of XMP; perhaps something can be improved even further. For instance, alpha XMP had the idea of each flag/artifact giving the carrier (or perhaps team?) some special powers, a la Relics in ChaosUT. Hmm.

    At the moment I have the gametype mod in a fairly rough state, there are high chances of crashing the game (especially when playing with bots) and I doubt it works online, but I think it's OK as a tech demo of how it works and a building block for something more complex.

    I don't have it packaged yet, it's only in source form so far. But I was careful from the start with licenses, and so I can publish the code I have so far publicly. I'd be happy if anyone wants to join the effort, or fork the gametype, or even just contribute bug reports to the GitHub repository. Perhaps I'll make a video of it later, too. You can find the source here:

    Overall it's not quite as clean when it comes to implementation as I'd hoped, because throughout the development I had to fight the whole system to make it work with multiple flags, thus requiring quite a few hacks to make it work. Eventually it will likely require restructuring the work because there will be too many hacks piled on, but that's later. Either that, or perhaps if Epic is willing to accept it, patches to the existing structure can be made so that both gametypes share the vast majority of code. The hardest part was making flag bases spawn multiple flags, because right now everything assumes a base = a flag. Making it support multiple flags is just a matter of using arrays instead of single variables (and regular CTF would just use 1 flag in the array).
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    There was a great mod for UT99 for 4 team CTF. It would be great if someone could make one for UT4.
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      Originally posted by WHIPperSNAPper View Post
      There was a great mod for UT99 for 4 team CTF. It would be great if someone could make one for UT4.
      This mod also existed in UT2004 as well, I would like it if all team games allowed 4 teams by default, and the map design, and server settings would provide server admins the ability to allow/disallow more than just red vs blue.
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