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    CTF-WoOt WIP

    So i managed to pak a map, everything i did was just learning so its **** compared to people who have experience.

    Still lots of tweaks but its playable, i only added weapons armor in 1 base so its only playable with instagib.

    Here is the pak link
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    You mentioned it's only playable with instagib right now, but has this map ever been playable with normal weapons ?

    It's not so crappy for a beginner, because it seems to be working as intended. Well done !


      Scaling seems a bit off though. I'd go from the UT3 version as base as it would fit this installment the best. My thoughts:

      The platform at the flag is too narrow. The stairs up to that platform are too long and a bit too narrow. The distance you jump with the pads are too long, especially the space between the bases (the midpart of the map) are too huge etc.

      PS, I hate this map with a passion, they even made a Warfare version of this in UT3 x)


        @ Chaos.Engine Thanks for being kind but hay im not kidding anyone telling them its good. Was more about fun testing the editor then a serious attempt.

        @RPG Its safe to say every part of the map is off-scale i doubt i even fluked 1 part. Left the ruler out of this attempt. LOL
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          Code187 im going to express a negative opinion.

          This map, its ****ing terrible. not your rendition, just the map in general.

          Every map has its place, theres huge support for this style of map. I don't think you need much feedback on it. keep the dimensions similar and you've got that crowd.

          Id love to see you spend less time on remakes of these sort of maps, and put that creative brain of yours into making more original maps.


            I got with RPG wizard on this one.. the ut3 scaling was perfect.
            A remake of the map would just do basically.
            But i am not fond of the light effects.


              The scale of the map is way off. w00t is a pretty legendary map, good luck!


                One of my favourite Instagib maps, nice work indeed.