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    [PROTOTYPE] Dm-escher

    Begone reality, something redefining arty built by the Master post earth artist Leonahardez an amazing feat of accoustic levitation with zero point stabilizers combined with polygraphene based sandstone to create a landscape out of this world that would last an eternity due to the material property's, encase in an mini articial ozone in the alien yet pleasant sunny conditions of the misty cloud worlds surrounding the Narzebula system.

    When asked whether Leonahardez was asked on his opinions of using a 171th wonder of the galaxy as a death arena he only sighed and said "No matter what you create people never seem to appreciate until its filled with chaos and death, and then they turn around and cry when its gone"


    How do i save this an export i can use in the map menu?


    Fleshed out a lot of base layout, with plans to add some more vertical areas
    Have some somewhat good item layout

    Will post the post soonish for testing if you want.
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    Looks cool, keep us posted.


      First test release of escher, has some spawns, weapons, armor, health, i just cant seem to make it work from the main game it will run through the editor though.


        This is a cool looking level, I'm always a fan of the more unusual maps. I ran around on your map for a bit and here's a few things I noticed.

        This bit here looks like a jump but you can simple run over it with little issue. And it is actually safer to run across the gap as jumping will likely cause you o hit your head on the wall and fall through the gap. Not sure if that was a design choice to confuse or not but it's a bit weird. And its not the only place that looks like you need to jump but you actually don't.

        This space needs an alternative way out because as it is now, it is just a hindrance and would probably just be ignored by players, despite the health keg being there. It's currently more risk than reward.

        This is a very awkward jump, it needs to be lowered slightly. Also, thats a pretty power powerup just sitting there out in the open, easy to get to. You might want to move it somewhere a bit harder to reach.
        Also, add a kill volume underneath the map.
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        Devore Designs


          All suggestions noted and fixed, added some more detail too and moved around some items, intend to expand the level some more, probably add a decaying chessboard somewhere.

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            DM-Escher Ver3

            Added details, changed/added more items, small new area,
            in a pretty final state ATM given the resources available

            All up probably playable and fun if you have some people to test it with, with open as it is its rather forgiving once you get used to it, i tried to not make it a map with tons of places you can die from falling easily and enough walls in key locations to stop a sniper from dominating the map.

            EDIT : added basic bot nav boundry, seems to work really well, so rather playable now

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              Worked out how to pack it properly for the game, now you can play it from within the UT game, bots are a bit dumb but still put up a fight