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    Map Name: DM-Blunder

    Remake of Under_LE

    Hey guys, I'm just messing around trying to learn how to use the editor a bit just for fun. Not really looking to be a professional map maker or anything.

    I was looking at Under_LE from UT2004 and figured it looked easy enough to copy and attempt to recreate as a learning experience.

    This is what a couple nights of staying up late and learning from scratch gets you I guess. Some parts of it are really rough.

    Not actually looking to release anything, just having fun

    Attached Files

    That looks like a nice start!

    If you haven't already take a look in the Example_Map (loads by default when you launch the UT Editor) and check out the global/local actors section. As a start I'd recommend simply copy pasting the global actors into your map which should give you a good place to start for your level lighting and post process. Also unless you are using actual solid black materials in your level it looks like it might be missing reflection capture actors (local actors section). Metal materials will need those to show up properly.

    Keep it up!