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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-AW-HalloweenArena

    Hey guys, This map is dumb simple in design but you would be surprised at the amount of time that was spent getting the color right.
    It's a classic LowGrav IG / Zark community map and i decided to bring it back as the currently available maps don't really work as well for arena game play.

    I once was known as [wtf]karma and GU°karma but I'm now known as halfblocked or {AW}Halfblocked and I am the original creator of all versions of this map. Also I will likely be bringing back one more classic arena map before I move on to a new project.
    I hope you enjoy and as a side note the map is fully set up for non IG as well and It's just as much fun.

    Changes as of 9/20/2015
    I decided to strip the map down for Halloween, redid everything with static mesh's.
    Adjusted size for the new engine and it plays even better than before.
    Now i think i'm happy with it.

    Download Link

    Also let me know if you spot any issues, There shouldn't be any but if there are i'll fix them.
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    Sweet! ... will be in our rotation once it becomes available! -=- {AW}'s Community Map Test Server -=-


      OMFG, just got done playing this for the first time... amazing. Can't believe how much fun and time I wasted tonight. Props, kudos, etc.

      BTW don't change it at all... it's perfect!
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        Did an overhaul for October.


          Originally posted by halfblocked View Post
          Did an overhaul for October.
          ... this version is the best so far! woot!

          Frag on!

 -=- {AW}'s Community Map Test Server -=-


            Thank you for the map! This is playable in Seniors Nirvana .šr [Dallas] hub.