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[WIP] DM-Map "Dont know a name for it at the moment"

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    [WIP] DM-Map "Dont know a name for it at the moment"

    Hi there.

    After the release of the Unreal Tournament Editor i am working on a map.
    I am a newbie to mapping so don´t expect too much.
    I guess i will make a DM-Map ... the easiest thing i guess.
    Dont know where it will lead but at the moment i am inspired by the first area of the first level from Unreal 2.
    I loved the look of it.
    It was interresting all the time for me because of the open air feeling ... the plants and grass in combination with the industrial constructions.
    But i dont want to make an exactly remake.
    Would be not good for a DM-Map if there is only one way from the beginning to the end of the map.
    I will go on being inspired by those first area and build the whole map around it.
    At the moment only the one outdoor-room beginns to grow.
    But i will add some more rooms and hallways in time.
    Here a first screenshot form the Editor.
    Hope it is ok so far.
    Again .. i am a newbie ... dont expect anything.
    And dont expect it too soon.
    When i will manage to complete the map ... i say when ... it will take some time.

    Update : 15.03.2015 ____ Two new screenshots from the Editor. Some new rooms ... outdoor and indoor. Still no idea what the name for the map will be!?

    Greetings Rongkongcoma

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    I would suggest looking at the layout, and focusing on the theme/art last. Alternatively, if you are an artist, have a look at someone else's map that does not have art and volunteer to help put art into their map.


      nice start , at first glance it reminded me of the raptor cage in jurassic park might help with naming the map lol


        I guess i will do what a beginner has to do .... watch out to where the Map leads me.
        Whatever comes out when i finish the Map.
        It will be better than to do nothing.

        To KazeoHin-TechAE : I think I am not good enough to act as an artist to help others make a better Art-Map.
        Maybe i am too shy.
        Don´t know.

        And to DrestZ : I guess i will not make an Jurassic Park Map.
        The last guys who wanted to make something like that were Lukewarm Media with Unreal Engine 4 and Primal Carnage Genesis ... and what was at the end?
        They canceled the projekt and made another recode of their old Primal Carnage MP Shooter.
        I was so frustrated when i heard that news.
        An episodic Dino Shooter in Unreal Engine 4 and they stopped working on it.
        No ... i guess i will think about a name fitting into something useful for my Map.
        Maybe something like "DM-Lost_station" or something like that.
        I will see.
        To say it in german .... die Gedanken sind frei.


          Bom início