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WIP - DM/DUEL - MechaPit

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    WIP - DM/DUEL - MechaPit

    I just posted this topic an minute ago but in a 'prototype' and for some reason it's disappeared.

    This is basically my first map that I've ever done on the UT4 editor, It's a 2v2 or a duel map. I'm only 16 so I'm kinda newbie. I've tried to make It look a little like a pit sort of. my main issue is trying to find a name for the map, atm it's mechapit which was a quick think one. This map is still in development but yea I need feedback so I know if I'm doing anything wrong. I've watched the first few tuts and I've actually quickly picked up on them.
    Here is a video to show you the map -

    There are some questions I'd like to ask if anyone can answer please:
    -How do I get rid of those 'preview' decals off my textures, they're frustrating?
    -Is it ok to just use Meshes as building things, because that's what I've done...?
    -How do I delete a bsp because I keep pressing delete and click on all of the side of the bsp yet nothing happens...
    once I put it down I can never remove it...?
    -Where can I get more materials/textures to use, because there are very little amount?
    -Does it matter if my meshes overlap each other and will it affect anything?

    Thank you for looking!!!
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