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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Gael-Remake

    Hey everyone,

    So I used to do a lot of private mapping for 2K4, but when UE4 went free, I decided to take it back up again, and start doing public mapping. I am deciding to start with one of my old favorites, the 1v1 map DM-Gael. Now, this is a bit of a test map to be able to relearn the editor, so I decided to give myself a challenge and use only the the assets that came with the game editor itself. It's difficult, but so far I have most of the lighting and meshes put in. Pretty soon I will put up a link to the download, but in the meantime here are some screens.

    Attached Files

    The lights seems slightly overkill especially at that center pillar leading to this "foggy light" look that UE4 engine currently tends to do when the summarized lights become a bit too much but otherwise I really like the look of it.

    Well the bloom setting probably affects the look quite a lot, probably would look fine in low quality regarding the light intensity.

    EDIT: I used to really enjoy this map.
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      Clean, fresh, futuristic looking, I like it.


        The emmissive materials are hurting my eyes, otherwise looks like a very good start !
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