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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Hawkeye

    Decided to go for something original, since the vanilla maps are gonna get remakes sooner or later any way.
    Would love to get some feedback on the layout, weapon placement and gameplay.

    Best played with 2-4 players. Corridors will end up a bit smaller in the final version (Leaving space for meshes right now)
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    No opinions?


      The ceilings inside are probably too low. You'll bump your head a lot.
      Avoid using jumppads. At least not two of them next to eachother.

      I can't playtest atm. All I can say for now.


        really congratz, this is not yet beautiful at sight, but surely beautiful on gameplay!

        You have my same problem: nobody comments on my map, so without feedback I can't fix any problem.

        Nice ideas, go develop

        P.S: I have not encountered any bug or significant problem at the moment. If you wanna discuss/play on it you can add me


          Thanks guys!

          Gotta say those 3 jump pads in one place make for some really nice movement patterns, that could be used well in a chase. Try it!
          Gonna play a bit with the corridor height, maybe make them arch-shaped so that the center is higher.


            Nice map!

            I agree on the movement around the three jump pads, it's fun to play around with them
            But I think that the Shield Belt and the Keg O' Health are a bit easy to obtain, maybe make it a bit more challenging and dangerous to get them.
            I did hit my head while dodging down the slope towards the Minigun and while dodging down the slope at the Flak Cannon. (sorry, for some reason my screenshots are all black)