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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Solace

    Hello everybody!

    Here is my first personal work, so be fair with comments, and tell me what do you think about gameplay.

    The map is inspired by another one, The Lost Tomb (from Serious Sam game series), but I worked hard and I redesigned and remade a lot of aspects of gameplay and mapcontrol, so the composition is very different from the original version.
    And here we are: this is Solace, a little, complex, Duel and Deathmatch map. Here you can download the .pak file: (22/03/15)

    Let's post some basic screenshots:

    And I recorded a little video, but right after I made some important changes (music, lightning, gameplay, textures):

    I suggest to play it in Duel gametype, or 3v3 TDM, else you can play a nice Deathmatch up to 8 people. Above that number there would be a huge massacre.

    gl hf
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    No feedback?


      from the video:

      - map looks too dark
      - some hallways are really narrow
      - shock + chest is pretty strong combo, too close one from the other imo (you give the most versatile weapon with armor, pretty OP)
      - too many jump pads, try to add ramps or lifts to offer more variety of chasing
      - all armors and power ups should be reachable easily and with at least 2 paths to get there to enable competition

      It's a good start, with work it can become a good map Keep on iterating
      Maps: DM-Hydraulics | DM-Affliction
      Weapon: Redeemer


        Very Thanks for feedback.
        Please try from pak file because map it's not so dark anymore.
        I can put a lift, but there are only 2 jump pads. For shock + armor i will fix removing the helm and setting better weapons. I will also fix some paths.
        Thx for feedback, add me on friends, we can discuss.


          Just gave it a shot. Sadly bots are not working so i cant say anything about the combat.

          - Layout is pretty nice (confusing at first but flows well)
          - Really like the central room
          - The lower floor has not enough space (especially the rooms with all those columns - dont like those at all) -> Flak and RocketLauncher massacre
          - Disagree with too many jump pads, feels fine to me.


            Ok thx.
            Removing 4-6 of those columns was an idea I had but I never did it.

            Then I will remove the jump pad near the armor chest. The other jump pad feels too much friendly for me


              I just walked around in it for a bit and I have to agree with what most people already pointed out: even for a map that looks like it is suppose have a lot of tight spaces, the columns in the amp area are just too much.
              I am also not quite sure what to make of the pit next to the armor that just kills you. I think something like this would probably make more sense underneath the belt.
              Other than that it looks pretty cool.


                I fixed most of bugs you told me
                Level is more wide and open, I added some little things, changed weapons, and bots now are working.

                New link, please test it!

                Some screens:

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                  I tested it with bots for a little bit and although what can be read into botmatches is probably limited, this is what it think: the amp room is still too close. flak, rl and shock reign supreme down there, while the link, which spawns there, doesn't do a lot for you, because you can just always jump behind one of the columns and escape the beam. I'm also not sure about the belt room. At least vs the bots, it's like shooting fish in a barrel, when they drop down to the lower level and you just spam away from the top, especially with the flak right there. Maybe you could try to turn the stairs into a flat ramp, so you can get out of there faster? Or maybe it needs an additional escape rout beside the conection to the amp room (as I pointed out, you don't want anyone following you there with the flak, if you don't have it yourself^^).


                    New version is up!

                    -Map has more general lightning and completely rebuilt (except on sun areas)
                    -Rocket Launcher at Ampli Room (columns also reduced in volume)
                    -Most of hallways are wider now
                    -Added secondary path to the UDamage area
                    -Bots still stupid but I hope you play this with humans in some way =)

                    gl hf
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                      New version!

                      -Removed or changed position of +5 and +25 HP
                      -Now there are 2 shocks (1 placed in the columns room) and 1 rocket launcher, 1 flak
                      -Added some effects
                      -Fixed spawns

                      gl hf


                        New update!

                        -Changed most of weapons and completely rebuilt the gameplay
                        -better visual effects


                          I played the map a bit more and this is what I noticed.

                          First some small things, which are not that important, but I just want to point them out.

                          However, then there are some issues that are pretty important for gameplay I think.

                          I'm not really sure how you could spread the action into more areas just a little bit more and I'm by far no expert in these things, but would be cool if you could come up with one or two additional ideas.
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