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DM-Morbias II [UT99 Remake]

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    DM-Morbias II [UT99 Remake]

    Morbius II from UT '99 functionally complete, if there is any interest in this map, I've made a playable w.i.p. bsp shell.

    I was wondering if there would be interest in expanding the map, or if anybody would like a classic version as well.

    I'll be posting more shots and the map itself later tonight.
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    woow very well !

    this is indeed an wip ! it's an ut99 map and therewith important too !

    and the feeling it's like in UT99 but more modern.. maybe to become an old feeling,
    the pillars made of wood and the cross strive are also made of wood (something dark wood) ?

    (the pictures/textures, make it in an smaller size to be not so big )

    To hold the whole thing old .. only as suggestion
    But in any case an well done map !

    best regards


      Yeah I wasn't too concerned with the texture work or art assets just yet, I was just framing out the BSP to make sure it was a functional map, currently I have all the spawns, the 4 rocket launchers, the redeemer and the original rocket pack ammo spawns, the 4 on the bottom level and 8 on the top level and both lifts.

      I'll absolutely try out all kinds of different art styles with it. I was hoping to try and use the meshes and textures from Outpost 23, although I wasn't exactly able to find them all in the editor.

      I've never made maps in Unreal Engine before, I've made one in UT2k4 but never even cooked it and played it in engine. I've a ton of experience with Serious™ [Croteam] and Radiance -- I picked morbius because it looked like an excellent map to learn the editor with, I'd be interested in maybe making a full tutorial for it as well.

      In terms of scale, the way I decided the sizing was based on lateral jumps, so I booted up UT 99 and jumped from one set of stairs to the other and counted the jumps. I spaced it accordingly, they are roughly equivalent. It has Navmesh and bot pathing, I tried it out with the bots and it played really well -- I think I like how the scale is better in UT4 than the original but I'd be eager for some feedback.

      How exactly would I go about posting the actual map in a downloadable form, do I need to upload the package files or can I just grab the umap file?
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