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DM-Moortgat (2v2 or Duel)

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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Moortgat (2v2 or Duel)

    ello, it's me again.

    Decided to make a quick DM map from a layout i sketched earlier that day.
    I have also decided i'll try to follow the normal workflow for this one. (but i'm not planning to go all-in crazy on it)
    The theme will be "Beer Brewery" and yes i will make some custom assets for it.

    So I started blocking out: basic shape, paths, walkways, doorways..
    I did a few tests on the scale and this is quite large without feeling too large. i think it's spot on
    Tried to break up the lines of sight as much as i could. Tough i left 1 longer corridor for hitscan fun.

    The map consists of a central area wich holds RocketLauncher and ShieldBelt. And smaller rooms surrounding the central room.
    To get the amp, boots must be collected on top of crates
    You can get from the Armorvest to the Shieldbelt NP! But you can't go the other way around without hammer/Shock Jumping.
    To get to the second level you can take the stairs, jumppad, lift, boots or one of the walkways leading up


    When this layout has proven to be working, i'll start in 3DS max.
    Without further redo:

    The sketch:

    In editor:

    Adding in some paths:

    After a few hours I ended up with this.

    still a bit dark in some area's, but Ready for playtesting.

    Video V1:


    All feedback welcome.
    patriculary looking for weapon/item placement feedback! from a tactical point of view.
    and general flow of the map.

    If any streamer wants to record a match on this plz drop the link in here for gameplay analysis.
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    A brewery... as a brewer myself I love it. Are you planning on having mash tuns, fermenters, conditioning tanks? maybe a giant grain mill as a trap to fall into? And a bar of course.




      Shieldbelt and body armor are too close. You can get both in a second.


        A cool Map but to dark please bring CTF 77 a new Pak irridium77


          I like that you provided a top down drawing of the level. Even it is just basic, it helps put a lot of things in perspective.

          It is a tad bit dark, as Chris UT4 mentioned.

          Im curious to see how the long corridors act with the sniper and shock rifle. I think it might be a bit too easy to camp the corridors with those weapons. Especially in a duel or 2v2 scenario. But I havent played the map yet, so I could absolutely be wrong.

          It looked like the rocket launcher was placed one the lower area of the map. Have you tried placing it on one of the higher platforms. Rockets raining from above adds some more interesting gameplay. I believe a talk at GDC (Level Design In A Day) by Matthias Worch had a scenario set up with a rocket launcher set up specifically. He talked about what worked and what didnt, the rocket launcher just so happened to be an example weapon.

          As always these are just my opinions/thoughts. Ill see if I can find that talk from Matthias later on and post it on here.