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    Here's some stuff i noticed (all settings maxed out):

    That's MY irc blinging, don't worry. Anyway, the first effect looks like a low quality gif, but thats how it looks in game.

    The second thing is that little corner in the thighpad hallway. Looks like a texture got stretched too far.

    The third thing is the odd way the snow blends in with the wall

    The third thing is the off behavior of the reflection in that corner.
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      I think the map is looking really good! Certainly has a defined character. Just a couple things I noticed:

      -The Central statue: Could the podium collision be altered so that we can circle around the statue (like in the shell map?)
      -Rocket room: I keep getting caught on the wall with the 2 health vials
      -Up high above the double health packs in the courtyard there's a wooden beam sticking out of the wall: I feel like we should either be able to land on it or remove its collision altogether. Easily reachable via lift-jump.
      -Maybe I'm imagining it but there seems to be a difference in timing hammer-jumps when I'm standing on a snow pile vs regular floor
      -There's two planks extending into the abyss outside of the bio-room, it'd be a nice touch to be able to walk out on them
      -100 shield trebuchet/pulley thing: collision is misleading. If you try accessing it with boots/hammerjump from the side/back you'll see what I mean
      -Might be cool if that glass window in the Bioroom had a crack or hole in it so you could lob flak balls at that guy who's always camping the redeemer spawn


        Incredible. Great job on the optimization too, it runs really well. Can't wait to see what the team comes up with next!
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          I've been having an absolute blast on the meshed Chill! Looks great and plays great too.


            Really stunning work EPIC team!

            Looks fantastic and plays the same. I personally find that in several areas the visiblility has even improved compared to the shell version, e.g. in front of the sniper tower (which i found too bright before) and inside the buildings.

            There are a few ropes outside on some places which are not moving in the wind while others do, and a few cleanup work (when watching the overall map scence from outside in flyby mode, because its so beautiful , one can find are a few meshes hanging around at places where they do not belong to) but these are just minor topics to fix in the future.

            A big thumbs up and woah to the art team and stu! Thanks for that!
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              Incredible job guys! It really is amazing the performance you guys were able to achieve. I think it would be great for mappers to have a video tutorial of how you guys achieved that.
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                UT4 Build 2016-03-09

                So I've been running around the new DM-Chill for the better part of the afternoon.

                Initially, it was "sensory overload" as there was so much stuff to absorb compared to the shell.

                After a few laps my brain started to tune it out and focus on locating my opponents and I seemed to be OK for me.

                AWESOME work to everyone involved it looks AMAZING!
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                  Loaded the level and was fooling around in flyby. It look gorgeous!!!

                  When I start to play, the level freeze every 5 secs for few seconds and it keep doing that in loop??? So, the level is unplayable for me, sadly This bug is really nasty and this behavior already happen few build ago and I had to reinstall everything to get back to normal play.

                  Again, it look **** nice. The meshing is really great as long as the new assets. The music is awesome too
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                    You should totally set up a discussion thread in the published forum so I can lock this and move chat over to that :V


                      Just posted one, lock away!