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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-SkyPort

    Ready for testing and feedback!

    Some ideas behind this map:
    1. Map mostly for casual players with easy-to-learn layout;
    2. A bit purposely oversized;
    3. Some stupid camping points with a sniper rifle

    Will ask someone for help to finish it and make meshes.

    Latest version - build 03:

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    Please help me!
    ...Last night failed to build .pak with my map to show it to the world. Computer worked several hours just to say - FAILED.

    Finally, today my level just refuses to load at all, it says:

    The editor or engine was updated yesterday and there was no problems to load my prev. work and continue working with it... That's frustrating.
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      While I can't help out on the tech stuff, I like the look of this map so far


        Finally, .PAK is completed, I hope it is playable, updated link in a first post.


          And Again PLS make Version Numers like DM-SKYPORT_BUILD001... otherwise Player will have trouble if the next version of ur Map will come out. :P When u change the Mapname i want to put this map on my "Classic DM /w Custom Maps" Server. Looks great so far


            Originally posted by Gee View Post
            ...PLS make Version Numers like...
            Done, version 2 is ready ('bld02' added to map name).

            Notes for new version:
            1. Item placement adjustments;
            2. Minor geometry tweaks;
            3. NavMesh volume added: now it is possible to play with bots.
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              THX I will integrate it in my mapcycle

              Real nice map! Cant wait to see it textured
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                New version!

                Link (also see OP):

                Change log:
                1. Geometry;
                2. Materials;
                3. Item placement tweaks.