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    Originally posted by Laambo View Post
    This map is now in rotation over at -=AW=- -==Community Map Test Server==- #1
    Thank you very much Laambo

    Originally posted by effects69 View Post
    I won a game tonight on the map. So yes, I like it hehhee, It has a really nice game flow man! But maybe try adding some kind of land marks so we can remember better where placements are. Even some simple markings or something. I know we are all pretty much stuck for textures right now though.

    All in all, it's a really great and fun map to play!
    Thanks for kind words, I'm glad you liked it.
    Yeah, there are two main issues I work on before posting a new update - land marks to have areas better recognizable, and item placement, so I hope a new version will resolve the identity thing on the map

    Originally posted by Fartuess View Post
    Siemasz Charon. Fajna mapa
    Cześć, kopę lat A siemam byle jak, ale jeszcze wierzgam ;D
    @insomnaut aka charon / DM-Coma / ArmorWare


      Just found out that ALL maps have to be re-cooked/publish under this new build we got today in order to work online! .... I have confirmed this by doing one of my own maps!
      .... don't forget to Re-Name the map with the next version number!

      Hit me up when you have the new .pak ready to go!

      Thank you!

      Laambo -=- {AW}'s Community Map Test Server -=-


        - technical - UE4.8 recook
        - gameplay / floorplan - temporarily removed the shortcut added in A002 (blame Flikswich ;D cheers mate!)
        - gameplay - 2 or 3 new playerstarts
        - item placement - 2 x 25 hp at the sniper area moved lower, to the platform directly above the RL
        - item placement - ThighPads moved up in place of that double hp (near sniper rifle)
        - item placement - one 25 hp from ArmorVest's room moved close to the other 25 hp at side so now there are 2 x 25 hp visible up there while looking at the belt area from the shock rifle spot
        - other minor adjustments, ammo pickups, more random materials added

        PAK - DM-Coma_A003SE-WindowsNoEditor

        I haven't been much active recently so it's not as huge update as I was aiming for before. No new visuals I hinted some time ago. Still same old shell, barely touched.

        The new shortcut added in A002 got cut out. Due to the changes in game introduced with latest few builds I wanted to find out how the map would feel this way. Map seems to me faster than it was with march/april versions of UT, so it may be that shortcut is no longer needed. Also Thigh Pads placement got some treatment. Yes, I played a safe card - didn't want to do an earthquake if it's not needed ;]

        Thank you all for the feedback so far. There's definitely more of it to be incorporated soon than the current update holds.
        I am very glad some of you really enjoyed the map. Thank you for putting it on hubs and servers, recording streams, regular plays and all the attention the map has got.

        Please, feel encouraged to speak out what you do not like on the map. It will help a lot making Coma a better map. It will also help to make another one once this shell is done.
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        @insomnaut aka charon / DM-Coma / ArmorWare


          I wanna check this out. it looks great. ill respond with feedback once ive played it


            In case you folks haven't seen it, the current version is up on ModHubs thanks to raxxy and NATO.

            Be aware it won't show up when starting up a new match. It will show up in the mapvote window popping up once you play a match on any other map. This is how any custom map works on hubs at the moment. Map should get downloaded automatically once chosen.

            I'd also thank to Laambo for setting up the map on his {AW}'s Community Map Test Server. Anyone wanting to set the map on their server, please feel free to do so.

            Also... high five to the folks at for pushing on me to do this release and for their support.

            I would love to hear from people who know the previous version, how do they see the changes done to the current one.
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            @insomnaut aka charon / DM-Coma / ArmorWare


              DM-Coma_A003SE2 - quick fix
              - technical - build released 07/29/2015 rendered some materials black; they are fixed now
              - technical - minor changed to lighting; tried to make it a bit brighter as the new game build made everything darker

              PAK: DM-Coma_A003SE2-WindowsNoEditor

              OP updated.

              Have fun.
              @insomnaut aka charon / DM-Coma / ArmorWare


                This is a fun small map insomnaut. Thanks for creating. I think it's fun for 2v2s, duels, and small dms. It's on Seniors Nirvana hub. Plus the latest version you posted in July has worked for each subsequent UT version update including the current one. Nice.


                  Thanks the_ROCK. Highly appreciated!

                  Kudos to you for running Seniors Nirvana hub and supporting all these maps!
                  @insomnaut aka charon / DM-Coma / ArmorWare


                    A Very fast & fun map! & Plays 99ish Hectic with 12 players on! BiGUp for putting this map up insomnaut
                    Locked & Loaded on the LoPing Arena server.
                    Explosive High Voltage UT99


                      Hi, DutchSmoke!

                      Thank you for taking this one out of oblivion. I'm really glad you like it.

                      Crunching on my day job has led me to put this map on hold for a while, but I hope I'll be able to do some updates to it soon.
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                      @insomnaut aka charon / DM-Coma / ArmorWare




                        @insomnaut aka charon / DM-Coma / ArmorWare


                          Nice, I can't wait for the newest version. I had the pleasure to play on the beta version of the new Coma, and I would say its MUCH better than the old versions.

                          Polish community DISCORD server: Join us if you are Polish and let's play some 4v4


                            YW insomnaut! Pretty cool progress posted and await to reload it.
                            Explosive High Voltage UT99



                              New version is up DM-Coma_A004.

                              See the first post for details, PAK and server ini lines.

                              Thanks and cheers.
                              @insomnaut aka charon / DM-Coma / ArmorWare


                                One of my favourite maps is back!
                                Can't wait to play the new version online.
                                Feedback will follow.
                                WIP - Maps (UT - Build