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    So far, the map is available on a few hubs:
    - [PL] Stand Combo Hub by oLEq
    - [PL] @
    - Absolute (Atlanta)
    - Absolute (Roubaix)
    - -=AW=- Aggressive Warriors ~ Community Playground
    - [PHX] Phoenix Germany
    - Seniors Nirvana .sr [Dallas]
    - Unreal HUB [Dallas]
    - - France #1
    - - Chicago #ut4pugs megaserver
    - - Sydney #1 (via Custom tab, no vote probably)
    - - US-West #1
    - - UK
    - - France
    - (Dallas) BloodBath
    - *** *** HUBzone

    All these are XP hubs. I updated OP to include this list.

    The only server I know of is:
    - LoPing Arena server (though it's not showing up on server browser)

    Thanks to respective admins - your job guys is essential!

    Thanks for initial feedback on the current version. Keep it guys coming!
    I'll let the map sit untouched on hubs for a while to let everyone get familiar with it, but I will be back working on it in a few days.

    Originally posted by barsam2a View Post
    Can't wait to play the new version online.
    It's online! I hope you'll have a good time playing it!

    Originally posted by DutchSmoke View Post
    Ty insomnaut! Reloaded & Locked onto the LoPing Arena. (Just waiting on the re-allocation of the server)

    Originally posted by Trinatek View Post
    Hope I wasn't too harsh. I really do like the map.
    Wasn't too harsh, I'm fine. That's the feedback I was asking for
    First off - thanks for putting the map on your hubs!

    I saw you guys playing LTS a couple of times (via recorded demos) and I was quite afraid how you'd react to the new version. Mostly because of that 2-way teleport as I somehow felt it may break things in team games. I added it with a duel in mind, for 3 main reasons:
    - To upvalue the room with biorifle. The previous version felt to me like "no real need going to the lowest floor".
    - The belt area on the previous version felt like too easy to camp and defend. Also, some players liked to just sit in the corner and wait in wall-surrounded safety. That's why the area has gotten a major overhaul (and also thanks to Clawfist's feedback) - to make it more open and vulnerable to attacks. The teleport exit above the flak was supposed to reinforce that idea, though it might be too much indeed.
    - To speed things up and provide more options - as I wasn't sure if the map offers enough options for player to navigate and to position oneself vs the enemy. Also, the map seemed sometimes like it was too big so I wanted to try and see if that teleport setup can add more dynamism.

    Most of these thoughts were pre-4.11 build, so their accuracy has changed. Also, I might be wrong whatsoever, so I welcome everybody to point me this out. So far, it looks like almost no one liked 2-way teleport idea so more likely it will not remain as it is now.

    The map feels way different, indeed. It's not much bigger, I added that one new link gun route, but the funny thing is the scale hasn't been upped, it is downed a bit. I remodeled areas, made them more open and this results in that feeling like the map has grown a bit. I used map scaler before the release of A004 and currently it is reduced to 95%. Here a side by side layout comparison, in the same scale, based on top-down shots of navmeshes:

    This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version

    I can scale it down a little bit, nothing radical though, to leave enough space for fight, comboes etc.
    Speaking of more busy wall texture - yeah - I guess I see where it may be an issue. One half of the map (sniper to belt, flak) has temporary lighting and poor details, gets monotous and dull.

    (We've been chatting while I was writing it, but I'll leave my reply for others to see and discuss.)

    Originally posted by richardboegli View Post
    insomnaut[/URL] just a few words of advice,
    I was sure I followed this advice before you gave it to me, seriously Thanks anyway! Every word of advice is appreciated.

    Originally posted by darksinn3r View Post
    Keep it up! The map is really great.
    Thanks darksinn3r!

    Good points and ideas worth consideration. I had some of them in mind, some others have been suggested to me already - like shield belt vertical placement or slope setup behind the chest armor. There was a slope behind the shieldbelt (and the shieldbelt placed perpendicularly) at some point of development, but I thought it wasn't working well enough. The flow was weird and the lack of natural starting point for wallruns has led me to remove the slope. Though, I like the idea of slope behind the chest armor. It's there currently, but definitely not working well enough.

    Sniper area and three vials spot nearby both need more work, indeed. Three vials spot slope was a last second addition and I'm not proud of how it is now. Will try to remodel whole wall up there and provide some more surface.
    I am not a fan of teleporters either. I see them as continuity breakers, difficult to follow for spectators etc. I needed a reason to convince myself to add them - you may find it in my reply to Trinatek. I am not 100% sure these reasons are right, though.

    Frame drops have surprised me. I am 90% sure they started to occur after the 4.11 build. I've removed all the text and tested again, but found no significant relation. You seem to be right about teleporter fx - it doesn't mix well with reflective materials (that metal rim). Teleporter have all its components set as 'movable', so they may be handled as a fully dynamic objects with dynamic reflections on metal material. If nothing helps, I will replace metal material near the teleport with something non reflective.

    Last edited by insomnaut; 02-27-2016, 08:56 AM. Reason: hub list update

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    !!!Awesome map!!!

    1) Generally I am a fan of higher slops, x/y=200uu z=400uu, but its up to you!
    I would only suggest to keep consistent angles in all slopes.

    2) link slope: Don’t lower the whole slope. Break it into individual parts and folow the elevation and angles.

    3) Shield belt: either add blocking volume (if you don’t want to make changes)
    or move the belt inside the wall and create a sloped cylinder and place the pickup vertically.

    4) Chest: You can also add a similar slope set-up to the link gun.
    But keep the wood/metal design and block it to be smooth.

    5)Not a fan of the teleporter in general. The ideal setup for me is what CaptainMigrane did in Deep.
    I would suggest putting a one way tp with the entrance near the flak. The 45 degree wall you already have is ideal. The exit will be above.

    6) Sniper can have a cylindrical ledge behind. This requires to increase the height of the walls around the spot.

    7) You can connect (by adding a small room) the walls behind the minigun and maybe put the thighs there.
    Visually it can become a balcony.

    8) Three vials spot. Kinda tight for a slope. It needs lots of wall-busting to fit something there imo.

    9) I experienced frame drops too. It shouldn’t happen will pure bsp maps.
    I think the reason might be that bsp doesn’t mix well with transparent materials (wall text BP, telep fx etc.).

    Keep it up! The map is really great.

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    insomnaut just a few words of advice,

    1) update your top post of the thread to have the most up-to-date map.
    Users don't always scroll through thread.
    I typically keep an edit history at the bottom of my updated threads

    2) do a post each time something new is available so that people who are subscribed to the thread get notified.
    I notice you've done that already.

    I'll have a quick run around your map later today. I just saw your link in #utmodders @ GlobalGamers - IRC

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    My clan and I really enjoyed this map. It was one of the main maps we played while playing Last Team Standing.
    I have to say, the overall layout is still great. A couple things I did not like however - and since you wanted feedback:

    1. The map feels way different now with the scale having been upped. Consider using Rattlesnake's map scaler.
    2. The new materials while shell materials and temporary, is making your map feel way busier than it is I think. The sheer number of vertical and horizontal brick lines is making it difficult to sometimes see where hallways begin and end. A new change of materials completely may help this, or better lighting to distinguish the rooms and hallways.
    3. I know these were experimental, but not a big fan of the teleporters. The map is small enough to where you don't need them. More importantly, the map layout is already so good you don't need them. In my opinion, the teleporters add just a little too much you can do to escape when there were already plenty of ways to before. Also, they teleport you to places that feel a bit random. I and my clan would prefer you remove the teleports and re-release the PAK.
    4. I actually think where the vest before was really nice.

    That said, I think removing the jump pad in favor of a slope dodge was a good way to go. Way more elegant than the previous jump pad you were using as it always felt really awkward.
    Overall, still one of my favorite map layouts to play on. Made not currently one of my favorite maps, period, because of said teleports.

    Hope I wasn't too harsh. I really do like the map.

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    Ty insomnaut! Reloaded & Locked onto the LoPing Arena. (Just waiting on the re-allocation of the server)

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    One of my favourite maps is back!
    Can't wait to play the new version online.
    Feedback will follow.

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    New version is up DM-Coma_A004.

    See the first post for details, PAK and server ini lines.

    Thanks and cheers.

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    YW insomnaut! Pretty cool progress posted and await to reload it.

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    Nice, I can't wait for the newest version. I had the pleasure to play on the beta version of the new Coma, and I would say its MUCH better than the old versions.

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    Hi, DutchSmoke!

    Thank you for taking this one out of oblivion. I'm really glad you like it.

    Crunching on my day job has led me to put this map on hold for a while, but I hope I'll be able to do some updates to it soon.
    Last edited by insomnaut; 11-20-2015, 01:43 PM.

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    A Very fast & fun map! & Plays 99ish Hectic with 12 players on! BiGUp for putting this map up insomnaut
    Locked & Loaded on the LoPing Arena server.

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    Thanks the_ROCK. Highly appreciated!

    Kudos to you for running Seniors Nirvana hub and supporting all these maps!

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    This is a fun small map insomnaut. Thanks for creating. I think it's fun for 2v2s, duels, and small dms. It's on Seniors Nirvana hub. Plus the latest version you posted in July has worked for each subsequent UT version update including the current one. Nice.

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    DM-Coma_A003SE2 - quick fix
    - technical - build released 07/29/2015 rendered some materials black; they are fixed now
    - technical - minor changed to lighting; tried to make it a bit brighter as the new game build made everything darker

    PAK: DM-Coma_A003SE2-WindowsNoEditor

    OP updated.

    Have fun.

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