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[wip] dm-aim-map

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    [PROTOTYPE] [wip] dm-aim-map

    In Counterstrike there are aim_ maps. Small arena-like maps made preferably for 1v1/2v2 where you need to rely on your reflexes and aim.
    aim_map, aim_deagle, aim_awp_india are some examples if you want to check it out.

    I played Counterstrike very
    competitively for years and maps like that helped me a ton.
    Not only to improve aim but they were a nice warmup before we had to play matches.

    They are also used in a lot of smaller (2v2) tournaments and offline events.

    Inspired by those maps I am making one for Unreal Tournament.
    I know this isn't Counterstrike and I might get some hate for it, but I feel like it would help me at least so that's why I'm making it.

    Instagib would be the best choice imo, but any hitscan weapon would do fine.

    Note that the map is in a very early stage.

    Here is a first preview of what I am working on:


    Also posted on Reddit.
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    +1 for this one


      indeed, cool idea. although i don't see why it would just be useful for hitscan, you could practice engagements with any combination of weapons, if the map has the right structure. so maybe you could even build one map for each type of weapon in the game.