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    UPDATE: 3/31/2015 - Added some crappy decorations to make areas of the map look more distinct so it's easier to learn with video!

    Click image for larger version

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    Size - Large

    Expected player count -

    *TDM: 4v4

    *Domination: 5v5

    *FFA: 10+

    The idea of this map was to make the scale a good amount larger than the current Epic maps while still trying to maintain weapon-specific effective areas. Unlike epic maps where each area is designed for the niche of a specific weapon, most weapons in my map will be universally useful if the players are on even ground. Due to the large z-axis gameplay, certain weapons have huge capability with height advantages/disadvantages. It clearly can't be a perfect balance, but I tried the best I can with the current way the weapons and movement work.

    I hope this level doesn't appear too large scaled, which I believe it might be. But I'm sort of hoping that down the road epic increases movement speed, which would make the scale be a non-issue. Regardless or not, i'm sure Raxxy's/Brizz's movement will work PERFECTLY for this. It was actually designed for their movement prototype from the very beginning.
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    Looking forward to trying this with the mutator. I like the design, bigger rooms and more space to move around it. It's sorely lacking in the current maps


      This looks really interesting!


        Oh yeah, looks really good on the video. I liked the connectivity and accessibility of things. Downloading now
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          Good work, I'd be interested in trying it out for sure.


            Really liking the fancy combos


              This looks really really great and fun. I like the scaling especially, the "rooms" or open spaces feel just perfect in size to me to how I wish the maps were made and not like the default cramped maps we already have in the game. It's as if Epic never expects people to dodge in the maps. I hope you keep it this way.

              Everything around lifts and the jumppads and teleports seems so well placed and built around, nothing is random, everything seems well thought out.

              Also I like it's a bit on the larger side since there's a lack of those currently. All in all it looks like it might become my current fav DM map.
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                Nice one Numb, its really amazing in the video a lot of possibilities on it. It's the perfect map that you play again and again and you like it all the time, like Rankin or other. Fantastic job!


                  Solid work.


                    Would love to play this on some of the DM servers, it looks great. Nice touch with the invisibility and the "lame" text
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                      Thank you for the comments guys! I hope to have a better looking version up for the next build. No gameplay changes will be made because there hasn't been proper testing yet, but I have a few ideas that could make the map flow a little better. Right now i'll try to focus on making the lighting a little less bland


                        Updated the post with some screenshots of some temp decoration to make the map have distinct areas so it's easier to learn. I added an area next to the sniper to improve flow, but in doing so the map has become a little larger. I think I need to start subtracting areas that aren't important, but I won't know that until the map gets a good play test.

                        Sorry no new pak. A new build is expected soon so I don't see the point in making two paks in the same day.


                          I think people needs to stop worrying about the size of the maps, would be cool to have at least one map playing nice with above 10 players FFA.


                            No kidding RPG, every map is overcrowded right now online.

                            Wow a lot of work went into this map for "requiring a mutator". This map looks like a ton of fun. Do you have the exact values for Brizz/Raxy's prototype to let other people test this map out without needing to be on their server?


                              When I built it they gave me the values so i was building it with them. I dont have the values anymore due to reinstalling the editor. Anyway, the map should be on all raxxy servers on the next build.

                              Just a note. I think the scale of this map is much more like dm-chill than any previous map, so if one epic employee thinks bigger is better like me, then there is hope for future epic maps to be bigger too.