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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Iron Maiden 3

    It has been ages since I made a UT map. The last one I made was DM-Smog for UT3. Anyways the first map I made that was awesome and won an ownage award was DM-Iron Maiden for UT2k3. When UT3 came around I did a remake with a new visual style and released DM- Iron Maiden 2

    Now with UT's return I figured I would jump back into the mod scene with DM- Iron Maiden 3! The map is similar to the two older revisions but has a few new paths and layout changes. No fun in making the exact same map

    Updated PAK file can be found here: Version 2.5 is latest!

    To save and run this map copy the .pak file into your UnrealTournamentDev/UnrealTournamet/Content/Paks folder

    A few screens of the greybox that is playable! (New Updated Screens!)

    In terms of feedback anything is fair game, from the layout, flow, sightlines, pickup locations, etc.

    Let me know what you think!

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    You should pak it and upload that instead so it can be played in game without the editor.

    Assuming you don't know how to do that (or you would have in the first place), use "Share this level" from the "Package" icon in the toolbar.
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      Pak Datei for test please


        Sure thing. Let me fix that.

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          Originally posted by mozidesigner View Post
          Sure thing. Let me fix that.

          BTW Does it take a long time to Pack the level? I guess this a new feature for UE4/UT
          Depends... Sometimes, sometimes not... I've had paks that took hours, then pak it again a bit later after making a few changes and it only takes a few minutes. Seems like the first pak always takes a long time. Adding new textures or materials seems to make it take forever again (gets stuck on compressing textures/materials for ages).

          I actually pak'd your map just now, didn't time it but I think it took at least an hour.

          Layout looks and plays ok, though it seemed a little flat and stretched out to me. Like the horizontal scale is larger than the vertical.
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            I just uploaded the Packed revision. I hope it is the correct file

            Thanks for the initial feedback.
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              thank you for Pak


                Good to see you here mozi! Ill download this and give it a run soon!


                  Wow Mozi! Welcome back! Loved Iron Maiden for both 2k3 and UT3 so it's great to see this coming to life.
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                    HolyMoly, a Mozi map

                    Welcome back!
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                      Thanks for the warm reception back to the mod scene

                      I will try to work on this map when I can. Got a lot going on with real game design work but will keep this going on the side

                      One thing I will try to fix ASAP are a few pick up locations. I realized when playing against the bots that I have two RL near each other. Kind of OP.
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                        I got some brief notes while I got the chance to run around the level during lunch.

                        I had a very tough time getting the shield belt. The height made that jump on the box very difficult.

                        The shock rifle spawning right near two hallways I thought was clever. Opens up immediate use/strengths of the weapon when picked up. Makes the area seem tailored to that weapon.

                        The level currently seems to lack any trick jumps. Or anything that players can master in terms of jumps/dodging. A more hardcore audience might see it as boring and bland. However simple can be a strength.

                        One final thought. After the match was over, I noticed I rarely looked up for anything. I just looked forward and down most of the match. Could also becaue I wasnt playing against any enemies. Once again just a thought.

                        Hopefully some of this is helpful in some way.


                          Yes it is helpful! I was thinking over the weekend to integrate some vertical elements and break up the flat design (even though both IM and IM2 were a bit flat)
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                            Ahh gotcha. I don't have much knowledge of the previous two maps. So if their is any sort of theme or style between them, I wouldn't even have a clue lol.


                              Weekend updates added!

                              A lot of changes are in. Some new paths, a little extra vertical elements and I punched open the warehouse above the rocket spawn and added a small sniper nest up there!

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