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DM-Crusher (Q3 map remake)

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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Crusher (Q3 map remake)

    Realizing that I couldn't finish my other UT project by the end of the month, I went ahead and prototyped a map I wanted to make. It's a remake of a Quake 3 map (which, I only know as Q3TOURNEY6 or "the one with the crusher thing"). It's a simple thing, intended to get me acquainted with the map making process, and is currently fully playable by humans, but bots have problems.

    Link to download on OneDrive:
    [NOTE: Started having issues with packing the map just before uploading (of course) so currently there is an issue with no screenshot on the map and the kill level is around -1700000000. The second one is a rather large issue, so uh... don't fall off the map until I can fix it ]

    • AI needs to be taught how to use the jump pads
    • AI needs to be taught how to shoot the crush trigger when players are near the platform
    • AI needs to NOT be taught how to avoid the crusher. It's fun watching them die as lemmings in Q3.
    • Finish custom static mesh/texture work
    • Setup teleporter for several locations at random.
    • Get a real skybox
    • Ammo pickups

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