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    Hello to old friends and new faces; for anyone who might remember me from the UT/UT2004 days, I'm cymek, and a couple days ago, I heard the UT4 editor had gone freee!

    So naturally, it was time to sit down and learn what's new. To that end, I'm remaking a UT2004 level of mine, CTF-Decrepit from the Kranial Games map pack. It's a small, dense level with lots of z-axis fighting, and heavily uses lift jumps to make the map flow. Right now I'm done blocking it out and setting up the spawns, weapons, pickups, lifts, and navigation. The texturing, lighting, and meshing are completely WIP, though I have started playing with light work.

    If you're willing to play test, feel free to give any feedback, but in particular I want thoughts on weapon and pickup placement right now, as well as the lift jump mechanics. As is, the pickups are the same as the UT2004 version of the map, but my gut says there might be one too many weapons right now. In addition, every lift has a jump that is makeable, but some of them require a bit of precision, and I want to hear if you think the tolerances are too tight or if you don't have trouble making the jumps at all.

    Here are a few screenshots:
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    And a download link!

    My plan is to create a new set of materials and meshes for the map to help me learn the UE4 systems, so expect updates in the coming months as I learn the new editor. :]

    The new version is up! Get it here:

    Added a second set of jump boots, on the roof of one of the buildings.
    Tweaked weapon positions a bit.
    Adjusted lift speeds to be a bit faster and make the lift jumps require less precision.
    Started blocking out the surrounding buildings in the city.
    First iteration on the lighting.
    Started adding in some very basic materials.

    Again, I'd be very appreciative of any feedback anyone is willing to provide. It's tough to make gameplay changes without getting any feedback.

    And here are some screenshots:

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      I tried it with bots and its a cool, fast paced map...
      Lacks a bit of openings between different levels, these slots are too narrow to shoot properly from above...
      Would be better with some more visual clarity, took me sometimes to realize where lifts were...
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        Thanks for the feedback!

        Which areas in particular do you think are tough to shoot down from? There are a couple areas that could use some cleanup, I think.

        I agree about the lifts. In the original version I made, they have a green light on them that changes to red while they're not at the base. I just need to figure out how to script that and I'll put it in.